Moving is exciting, but it’s also stressful, not only because it’s a time-intensive process but also because it can get expensive in a hurry. But relocating doesn’t have to put a major burden on your finances if you don’t want it to. With some smart planning and a little creativity, you can keep your move as affordable as you want it to be.

Here are six simple yet effective ways to cut down your relocation-related expenses.

1. Schedule Your Move Strategically

Will you be hiring professional movers to help you out? If you want to save on the overall cost of your move, try to schedule your move day during an “off” time. What does that mean? Basically, schedule your move so that it occurs during a historically unpopular season or on a less popular move day.

Since most moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day in the U.S., many moving companies increase their rates during the summer season due to the increased demand. Spring, autumn, and winter moves may be more affordable, so if you’re pricing out services, ask around. Moving on the weekend might also be more pricey than moving during the week, so be sure to ask about that too.

2. Get Creative With Your Packing Supplies

Not thrilled about shelling out tons of cash for packing supplies you’ll end up tossing out when your done moving? Then get creative with the stuff you already have around your house! Plenty of things in the average home can double as packing materials, including:

  • Tote bags and duffels can function as moving containers.
  • Plastic tote containers and bins can function as boxes.
  • Suitcases can function as packing containers.
  • Sheets, towels, and blankets can be used for wrapping fragile items.
  • Socks and underwear can be used to fill empty space between fragile items.
  • Dresser drawers can be used to transport the clothes they already contain (remove them from the dresser first).

3. Sell Items You No Longer Want/Need

Want to offset some of your moving expenses? Sell some of the stuff you already own! There’s a good chance you have items that you rarely or never use, and there’s no sense in bringing those things to your new home. Before you start packing, downsize your belongings, and if your things are still in excellent condition, sell them locally or online.

4. Find Free Packing Supplies Online

Even if you get creative with your packing materials, there’s a good chance you’ll need a few boxes and other implements to complete the packing process. But you don’t necessarily have to get them from a supply store.

To save yourself some cash, head to sites like Craigslist, Offerup, Letgo, or Facebook Marketplace to see if anyone in your local area is giving away used packing supplies from a recent move. You may be able to score a bunch of gently used boxes and even brand-new packing supplies that someone else didn’t end up needing!

5. Get Moving Insurance

When you relocate — no matter how carefully you pack and load your belongings — there’s always a risk that some of your things will suffer damage during the move. That’s true even if you hire professional movers and packers. Accidents happen, and that’s why purchasing moving insurance is so important.

If something valuable breaks during your relocation, your coverage will reimburse you for the item or replace it. That alone could save you a substantial amount of money depending on the value of the items you own. 

If you own your home, the homeowner’s insurance policy you already pay for may provide moving coverage, so check there first. If you’re a renter or don’t have move coverage included in your insurance policy, you can buy moving insurance from a third party for a fairly nominal fee.

6. Research and Hire a Reputable Moving Company

Yes, hiring a moving company involves an investment, but that investment will give you back a considerable amount of your time and your time is just as valuable as money. But before you hire a moving company, do your research and do it thoroughly.

It’s unfortunate, but there are plenty of shady moving services out there, and many people get scammed for thousands of dollars by these services every year. While you’ll inevitably make a financial investment to get professional moving assistance, doing plenty of research to find a top-notch company will prevent you from getting financially burned.  

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