So you’re getting ready to move? How’s that going? If you’re like most people, the process of preparing for a relocation is super stressful. In fact, 45% of Americans claim, without question, that moving is the most stressful event in their lives — more stressful even than a divorce or planning a wedding!

If the idea of planning and conducting your relocation is stressing you to the max, worry not — professional Rochester movers can help. Below, the experts at Ace Moving & Warehousing explain which moving services you consider for a low-stress relocation.

Custom Move Planning

Whether you’re unsure how to go about planning your upcoming move or you simply don't’ have the time, a custom move plan can help tremendously. With a custom move plan, you get a team of relocation professionals who are dedicated to planning the most efficient way for you to move. At Ace Moving & Warehousing, these plans include the following benefits:

●        Multiple packing days. If your schedule cannot accommodate the time necessary to have all your belongings packed in a single day, a custom move plan can address that. Your movers and packers can return on multiple days to pack your things depending on your unique needs. 

●        Unlimited storage time. With a custom move plan from Ace, you get unlimited access to a climate-controlled storage unit. Our flexible storage solutions allow you to keep sensitive items safe throughout the relocation process, and to save you additional time and stress, we can load and unload your unit too.

●        Declutter program. Decluttering your home prior to your relocation date is one of the best ways to reduce move-related stress. Your move plan includes access to storage solutions, as well as loading and unloading by our team members to ensure your belongings are well protected throughout your move.

●        Country-wide storage options. As an Atlas Van Lines partner, we have access to storage solutions and moving companies throughout the United States. If you’re making an interstate move and need to store belongings, we can put you in contact with a trustworthy moving company that can take care of your storage needs.

Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions

Do you have tons of stuff in your attic or basement? Perhaps you forgot it was there? Having a collection of items you rarely use can complicate your relocation. Not only do you have to sort through those things to determine what you want to keep, but you also have to pack, transport, and unload those items. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit can be a huge help.

A climate-controlled storage unit is an excellent way to keep sensitive items protected both during and after your move. You should seriously consider renting one of these units if you own any of the following items and use them infrequently:

●        Furniture. Upholstered, wood, and leather furniture can deteriorate with moisture and temperature fluctuations. Climate-controlled storage prevents that from occurring.

●        Electronics and media. All electronic devices and certain types of media, such as videos, DVDs, CDs, and records are sensitive to heat, light, and moisture. Climate-controlled storage eliminates the risk of environmental damage to these items.

●        Artwork. Temperature and humidity can damage expensive art, which is why artwork should always be kept in a climate-controlled environment.

●        Important documents or photos. Paper and photos can deteriorate when exposed to prolonged heat and moisture. A climate-controlled environment provides a stable environment in which to store these items. 

●        Musical instruments. Any type of musical instrument can be sensitive to heat and humidity. For best performance, these items should always be kept in a climate-controlled environment.

●        Collectibles or antiques. Heat and humidity can damage antiques and collectibles in a hurry. Climate-controlled storage units provide both a stable environment and complete security for these items. 

Full Packing Services

For most relocators, packing is the most stressful part of the entire move. So why not hire professional movers and packers who can shoulder the work for you? With full packing services, you get a team of highly trained movers who know how to pack your belongings both safely and efficiently.

Rather than second-guessing your protective packing skills or randomly tossing stuff in boxes and hoping for the best, hire the professionals. They’ll keep your belongings well-protected throughout the loading, transport, and unloading process — even better, you can sit back and relax!

Keep in mind you’ll still need to move any non-allowable items you own since your moving company cannot pack or transport certain items by law. You find a full breakdown of non-allowable items here

Appliance Moving

Unless you’re trained in best practices for moving large, heavy items, it’s best not to attempt appliance moving on your own. Appliance movers, on the other hand, are highly trained and experienced and can handle even your bulkiest, heaviest household items with ease. Don’t put your safety at risk for a washer and dryer — hire the pros to take care of the job for you. 

Custom Crating

If you own any large or awkwardly shaped items, they can be a challenge to pack, protect, and transport safely. That’s where custom crating comes in handy. At Ace, we can build you a custom-size crate to accommodate any of your awkward-shaped or fragile items to ensure your belongings are well-protected throughout your move. And, once your move is complete, you can keep the crate for future relocations!

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If the idea of moving stresses you out, let our team at Ace Moving & Warehousing help. Since 1958, we’ve proudly provided a wide variety of moving services designed to make relocating as simple and stress-free as possible. When you’re ready to move, we’re here for you too. To learn more about our services or request a fast moving quote, call our Rochester office today at 507-288-3341 or send us a message.