If you’re planning a move in the next few months, have you taken stock of everything in your home yet? If not, you might be a little surprised to discover just how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. If you’re hoping to make your upcoming relocation as uncomplicated and low stress as possible, it’s probably in your best interest to leave some things behind.


At Ace Moving & Warehousing in Rochester, our professional movers and packers know downsizing and decluttering is one of the best ways to simplify and streamline your relocation. Below, we’re sharing what you should seriously consider selling, donating, storing, and tossing before you move.


First Up: Organize Your Belongings Into Categories

Before you start raiding your space looking for things to get rid of, get organized. The easiest way to begin the process of decluttering and downsizing is to designate areas in your home for things you plan to sell, donate, and toss out. Once you’ve set aside areas to organize your things, ask yourself the following questions as you start categorizing:


●        Is there room for this in my new place?

●        Do I have more than one of these?

●        Where will I put this item in my new home?

●        Will this item be difficult to move out of my current place or into my new one?

●        Is this item damaged? Do I want to invest in repairing it?

●        Have I used this item in the last year?


Generally, if you haven’t used something in the last year, you’re not likely to use it in the next year, either. If you have duplicates, be honest with yourself about whether you really need all of them. If you won’t have room for something (or multiple things), you can always opt to rent a climate-controlled storage unit if you’re dead-set on keeping those items.


If you anticipate a difficult time moving any of the things you own (like furniture or appliances), that doesn’t necessarily mean you should leave them behind. You can hire professional movers and packers, and they’ll take care of all the tough work and heavy lifting for you.


What to Sell: Anything You Don’t Need That Still Has Considerable Value

If you have items you no longer want but that still have considerable value, it’s never a bad idea to try selling those things to help offset the cost of hiring a professional moving company. You can sell your unwanted belongings in an online marketplace, take them to a consignment shop, or even set up a garage sale. Do whatever works for you! Things you should seriously consider selling include:


●        Old collectibles you no longer want

●        Pricey apparel that’s still in excellent condition

●        Furniture that’s in good condition if it won’t fit in your new place

●        Recreational equipment

●        Appliances that won’t fit in your new place or won’t match with your new decor


As long as your stuff is in good condition and it functions well, you should be able to command a decent price for it. But if you have a bunch of low-value stuff that probably won’t be worth your time to sell, donating those items is likely a better option from a cost-benefit point of view. 


Even if you’re hiring a moving company, there’s no sense in having your movers take unnecessary stuff to your new home. You’ll just have to deal with the hassle of getting it rid of it once it’s there anyway. Do yourself a favor and offload it before you go.


What to Donate: Old, Outdated, or Outgrown Items

If you own old things that aren’t worth much but that are still useable, consider donating them to a local non-profit or a shelter. Items in good condition that you no longer use can be a blessing to someone in need, and offloading this type of stuff can make your move much simpler. Things you should consider donating include:


●        Outdated clothing, shoes, and other pieces of apparel

●        Books you don’t need or want

●        Old electronics that still function

●        Records, tapes, CDs, DVDs, and other old media

●        Old linens, pillows, curtains, etc.

●        Old furniture


If you have old things with a lot of sentimental value, don’t donate them just to make your move easier. You’ll likely wish you hadn’t somewhere down the road. Rather than donating those items, why not put them in a climate-controlled storage unit? That way, they’re still accessible when you want them, but they won’t complicate your move or clutter up your new place. 


What to Store: Seasonal Items and Things You Can’t Let Go Of

When you own stuff that you simply can’t let go of, don’t force yourself to get rid of it. You’ll inevitably regret doing so at some point. Instead of offloading those things or schlepping them along to your new place, why not find a storage solution?


Renting a storage unit is relatively inexpensive and it’s an excellent solution for keeping your things safe and accessible for when you need them at a later date. If you’re looking to hang onto anything that might be sensitive to moisture or humidity, opt for climate-controlled storage. If you’re storing things that are super resilient, a standard unit is probably suitable. Here’s what you should consider storing before you move:


●        Seasonal decorations, clothing, and equipment (like a snowblower)

●        Recreational equipment you won’t have room for

●        Furniture that you love but that won’t fit in your new place

●        Large appliances you may need later

●        Documents, files, and books

●        Collectibles, artwork, instruments


To make sure you’re items are well protected and secure while they sit, understanding what you should look for in a reputable storage solution is critical. Take your time, do your research, and vet each company thoroughly. The last thing you need is to deal with theft or vandalism of your property. 


What to Toss: Worn, Damaged, and Unnecessary Items

Last but definitely not least, toss out anything that you don’t use, don’t want, can’t sell, and don’t want to donate. Most households have plenty of this type of stuff, and though it might be usable, it’s really just unnecessary clutter. What kind of stuff are we getting at here? Things like:


●        Posters

●        Non-essential receipts, documents, and other paperwork you’ll never need (shred this stuff before you toss it)

●        Old makeup

●        Expired medications

●        Stray cords and electronic components

●        Anything you keep in your “junk drawer”

●        Worn sheets, towels, shower curtains, etc.

●        Instruction manuals

●        Old cleaning supplies


Again, even if you’re hiring professional movers and packers to handle your entire move, there’s no point in taking this type of stuff to your new place. It’s clutter, and it’s stuff you probably never think about or use. Trash it or recycle what you can and move into your new home with a clean slate!


Looking to Hire a Moving Company in Rochester?

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