If you’re like most people, you might assume summer is the “best” time to move — but is it really? Or is the ideal season to relocate simply based on your needs and preference?


For many people, preferences don’t dictate the “ideal” time to move simply because a move occurs according to necessity. But if you do have the luxury of deciding when you want to relocate, there are several factors you should consider.


To help you determine your own ideal time to move, experts at Ace Moving & Warehousing share the advantages and drawbacks of moving during each season of the year.


Moving During Winter: Benefits and Drawbacks

Is winter the best season for you to plan your move? That depends. Winter isn’t automatically a terrible time of year to move just because there’s snow and ice. Rather, winter relocations offer a few benefits you can’t get during any other season. Let’s take a look at potential benefits and drawbacks:


●        Winter moving benefits. The demand for professional movers and packers is usually low during the winter months. Since the cost of hiring movers typically fluctuates according to consumer demand, moving during winter can potentially save you money. Furthermore, because demand is low, you can typically schedule your preferred move date without any competition for that time slot.


●        Winter moving drawbacks. Most people shy away from moving during winter for one reason: the weather is terrible. It’s cold, snowy, and icy, which can make any move more complicated and uncomfortable. Furthermore, road conditions are at their worst during the winter months, which can present more pronounced safety issues.


Moving During Spring: Benefits and Drawbacks

Considering a spring relocation? For many people, spring is a great time to move, but moving during spring doesn’t come without a few potential drawbacks. Let’s take a look:


●        Spring moving benefits. March, April, and May lead up to peak moving season. Since the demand for professional movers is still relatively low during this time of year, moving during spring can potentially save you money. And, like planning a winter move, you’ll likely get your first choice of time slot and first choice of movers since the company's schedule probably won’t be packed. In Minnesota, the weather is typically mild during spring, too, which can make for a comfortable move.


●        Spring moving drawbacks. Should you plan your move during the end of spring, there may be increased demand for professional moving services since summer isn’t far off. You may have to rearrange your move schedule slightly if you don’t book a mover early, so do your best to plan ahead. If you have kids in school, moving during spring can also interfere with year-end activities, which can be a major bummer for your children.


Moving During Summer: Advantages and Disadvantages

Most people prefer to plan their relocation during the summer for a variety of reasons. But moving in summer does have disadvantages too. As you consider planning a summer move, think about the following advantages and potential disadvantages:


●        Summer moving advantages. If you’re planning to sell your home before you move, summer may be an ideal time to relocate. Since the summer months are peak real estate season, there are more prospective buyers during this time of year, which may translate to more interest in your property and a higher sale price. If you have kids, summer is a great time to move because school is not in session, and finally, summer’s longer days allow more daylight for packing, loading, and transporting your things.


●        Summer moving disadvantages. Summer is the most popular time of year to move, so hiring a moving company is typically more expensive during this time of year. You may also find it challenging to schedule your first-choice time slot you if don’t plan ahead.


Moving During Autumn: Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you thinking about relocating during the fall? Is autumn the best time of year to move? Let’s consider the pros and cons:


●        Autumn moving advantages. Fall weather is relatively mild in Minnesota, so for many people, this season provides an ideal time to move. Since the weather is cooler but not too cold, packing, loading, and transporting your belongings should be a comfortable experience. Like winter and spring, the demand for professional movers and packers drops off during autumn, so again, you may be able to save some money by scheduling your move during this time.


●        Autumn moving disadvantages. If you don’t have children, there aren’t really any pronounced drawbacks of moving during autumn. But if you do have kids, the start of the new school year can put a wrench in your moving plans. That said, taking a few days to conduct your relocation probably won’t put your kids that far behind in class.


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