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Caring for your moving and storage needs since 1958.

Climate Controlled Storage

We understand that moving involves a lot of coordinating. Timing is everything, but despite the best-planned moves, sometimes timing just doesn’t align the way you prefer. Ace Moving can offer you a climate controlled storage building where your valuables will be carefully and safely stored for any length of time.

Whether you are moving and need some extra room, or remodeling your home and need somewhere to store your things, Ace Moving has a storage solution for you. Our storage options are not limited to residential moves; our storage units are also available for corporate and commercial relocations, as well.

Ace Moving offers long-term storage and storage-in-transit (SIT). Our warehouse is inspected regularly to ensure it meets our high standards for safety, security, and cleanliness. We also offer storage in other states and overseas in cooperation with our international licensees and partners. Know you have reliable options to keep your goods safe. When you are ready for your items, we can deliver.

Benefits of Ace Moving storage facilities:

  • Climate controlled building
  • Safe and secure warehouse
  • Inventory inspection and verification
  • Regularly monitored security
  • Both short- and long-term storage options
  • Packing services for long-term storage

If you prefer to store your items in your driveway or parking lot, this option is available as well. You’re not limited to our storage warehouse. Our moving trucks have detachable cabs so we can leave the trailer with your packed away items. You can finish the move yourself, or we can come back to finish unloading the trailer. Our rates run hourly, allowing for a flexible, cost-effective moving option.

Ace MovingLocal Rates

  • 2 men $150
  • 3 men $190
  • 4 men $230
  • + men $40

Minneapolis/St. Paul/Rochester & Seattle/Tacoma Local Movers Ace Moving has a truck ready for you!

Our fleet contains a variety of trucks ranging from straight (box) trucks for the smaller jobs and semi-trailers for larger jobs. Some of our services we provide for moving jobs are:

Climate Controlled Storage




Appliance Services


Full Packing Services

Corporate Relocation

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