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Moving Checklist

Planning for a move shouldn’t be last minute. More goes into the moving process than you may think, so the easiest way to take on the task is to start early. This moving checklist will keep you more organized and prepared for moving day.

  • Create your budget for your move.
  • Create a “Move” file/binder to keep track of quotes, receipts, and other important documentation relating to your move.
  • Ask your employer if your company provides moving expense benefits.
  • Tour your house to decide which items should be discarded or donated. Consider a moving sale.
  • Get copies of any records needed (medical, children in school, vet, legal, financial, etc.).
  • Schedule a transfer of records.
  • Make any home repairs necessary.
  • Plan how you will move vehicles, plants, pets, valuables, and hard-to-replace items.
  • If you’re doing the packing, get your packing materials (boxes, tape, stuffing/padding, markers, etc.).
  • Schedule a disconnection and connection of utilities at your current and soon-to-be homes (phone, internet, cable/satellite, water, garbage/recycling, gas, electric, sewer).
  • Return borrowed, checked-out and rented items.
  • Use items that cannot/should not be transported (food, liquids, aerosols, etc).
  • Contact health clubs, organizations, and groups to cancel or transfer memberships.
  • Pinpoint moving date, finalize moving method, and make necessary arrangements.
  • Begin packing items you don’t use often. Label boxes by room and contents.
  • Separate valuable items to transport yourself - label as DO NOT MOVE.
  • Create an inventory list of items and box contents, including serial numbers of major items. Use this as an opportunity to update your home inventory.
  • Keep a box out for storing pieces, parts, and essential tools that you will want to keep with you on move day.
  • File a Change of Address with the Postal Service, or ask them to hold your mail at the post office in your new city. Note: you must fill out a Change of Address for each person receiving mail at your address.
  • Provide important contacts with your new address (employers, family/friends, attorney, accountant, etc).
  • Notify your insurance and credit card companies about change of address.
  • Place copies of pet/medical/insurance records in your “Move” file/binder.
  • Cancel automated payment plans and local accounts/memberships.
  • Take your vehicle to get serviced, especially if you are travelling far.
  • Clean as you pack.
  • Arrange to have major appliances serviced before they’re moved.
  • Check and clear tax assessments.
  • Schedule cancellation of services for your old place (housecleaning, lawn care, pool, water/food delivery, etc.).
  • Notify magazines, newspapers, newsletters, or other subscriptions of the move/change of address.
  • Protect your shipment from damage by disposing of flammables (gasoline, fireworks, matches, cleaning fluids, aerosols, acids, drain cleaners, etc).
  • Create a floor plan of your new home, and indicate placement of furnishings.
  • Pack items separately that you will need immediately at your new place (toilet paper, paper plates, basic tools, etc.).
  • If necessary, plan to take the day off work for moving day.
  • Find useful things for your children to do - involve them as much as possible.
  • Find someone to help watch small children on move day.
  • Drain water from all garden hoses. Drain gas and oil from lawn equipment, gas grills, heaters, etc.
  • Start packing suitcases.
  • Make sure all prescriptions are filled.
  • Make sure all paperwork for the old and new home is complete.
  • Reconfirm your method of moving with those involved.
  • Continue to use up perishable food.
  • Empty out your safe deposit box, and secure those items for safe travel.
  • Remove and pack bedding and other last-minute items.
  • Take movers/helpers through the house to inform them what to do.
  • Check every room, cupboard and closet one last time to make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Leave your contact information for the new residents to forward mail.
  • Take inventory before movers leave, sign bill of lading.
  • Make sure movers have the correct new address.
  • Lock windows and doors, turn off all lights.
  • Verify utilities are working--especially power, water, heating and cooling.
  • Perform an initial inspection, and note all damages, take pictures if needed. Be aware of your deadline for insurance claims.
  • Clean the kitchen and vacuum as needed (especially where furniture will be going).
  • Direct movers where to place items.
  • Offer drinks and snacks.
  • Assemble beds with bedding.
  • Begin unpacking, starting with kitchen, bathroom, and other essentials.

Click here to download the full moving checklist.

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