Moving is almost always a stressful ordeal, but it can be especially challenging for senior citizens. Many times seniors move from a larger home into a smaller one or an assisted living facility, so there’s pressure to declutter a lifetime of possessions while packing. Plus, there are countless boxes and furniture items to carry, along with a truck to load and unload; physical tasks many seniors simply don’t have the stamina to endure. And when it’s finally all said and done, the mover is left with all the boxes to unpack before disposing of the packing materials.


In short, moving is a pain for anyone. For seniors, there’s the added stress of not being able to do much or any of the physical work, yet still wanting to feel in control. That’s why our first, most important moving tip for seniors is to hire a moving company.


1.      Hire a Moving Company for Senior Moves

Having a team of people to help almost always makes a move go faster, but a moving team made up of adult children or other loved ones is not ideal. Whether you’re an adult child moving your senior parent or you’re the senior being moved, the process will go much smoother when you hire a professional moving company.


For starters, family members often overstep boundaries. With just a day or weekend to handle the move, they may take over as decision makers for the sake of time. Nothing feels more undignified for a senior than having someone else decide which possessions they should keep or toss in order to downsize. And even if downsizing isn’t an issue, the stress of the physical labor, the time crunch, and the myriad of problems that can creep up throughout the moving process only create friction at a time when families need each other.


With a professionally trained moving team, the mover makes all the decisions about what to pack, and organization is a priority. No matter the scope of the job, professional movers treat belongings with the utmost care and understand how to expedite the entire moving process. We could go on and on about the benefits of hiring a moving company, but you can read more about that here.


2.      Start Downsizing Early

If you’ll be moving into a home with a smaller floor plan and need to downsize, start early – months before moving day if possible. It takes time to sort through decades of accumulated possessions, and the process can be both physically and emotionally challenging.


Start the downsizing process one room at a time, beginning with the areas of your home that you use the least. That way, the rooms and belongings you use the most will be sorted last, creating less of a disturbance in your life leading up to moving day. Make a list of friends and family you might want to give special items to, and then come up with a sorting system; using colored stickers, for example, can help you identify which items you want to donate, which you want to give away, and which you need to keep.


3.      Prepare for Moving Day

After you’ve hired a moving company and decided what will happen with all of your belongings, there are a few other important things you’ll need to take care of before moving day.


●        Pack a suitcase or bag as if you were going away for a few days with clothing, toiletries, and any medications you’ll need. Even though professional movers can typically unpack everything for you right after the move, you’ll want to have easy access to your daily essentials.


●        Notify your contacts with your change of address. Filling out a USPS change of address at the post office or online will ensure your mail is forwarded to your new location, but you’ll still want to make sure everyone has your new address for future use. Alert your post office, friends, family, publications, bill collectors, health care providers, subscriptions, and banks.


●        Contact utility providers. This is one of the most important moving tasks, because you no doubt want your utilities transferred as quickly and seamlessly as possible. About two weeks before your move, contact each provider separately to let them know that you’re moving.


When it’s time to pack, leave it to the pros. With your items already sorted, your movers will have clear instructions on what they need to box up, and you won’t have to lift a finger. They’ll even provide moving boxes and packages, tape, labels, markers, and other tools needed to get the job done.


Moving can be really hard, especially for senior citizens leaving a home they’ve spent many years in with their family. Working with a professional moving company can ease a lot of the stress, so your family can focus on supporting each other through the transition. When you hire Ace Moving and Warehousing, you can expect the best moving services for seniors in the Twin Cities metro. Our priority is providing our customers with professional, careful, and courteous staff all striving to deliver your products on time and without a scratch. Contact us today to get a fast quote!