Conducting a commercial relocation is no small endeavor, and if you don’t plan for it financially, a business move could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars more than you expect. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save on commercial moving, some of which will save you dollars directly and some of which can save you from incurring unexpected costs.

If you’re looking for ways to make your next business relocation as economical as possible, check out the money-saving commercial moving tips below.

1. Pare Down Your Office Possessions

Getting rid of stuff is one of the best ways to save whether you’re thinking about conducting a do-it-yourself relocation or want to hire a commercial moving company.

With a DIY relocation, the more stuff you have to move, the more it’ll cost to move, simply because you’ll need more equipment, more packing materials, larger moving trucks, and more time to get everything done. Time is money, and the more of it you spend moving, the less of it you’ll spend conducting normal business operations.

With a mover-assisted commercial relocation, the more stuff you have to move, the more you’ll pay to move it because most moving companies charge by weight. Obviously, the more you have, the more your total shipment will weigh, and the more it’ll cost to get it to your new location.

If you have equipment that you and your staff rarely or never use, consider donating it or selling it online. The same goes for any largely unnecessary office items or things you can easily replace without spending a ton.  

2. Consider Packing on Your Own

While commercial movers can certainly pack up your entire office for you, you may save some cash by handling the work yourself. So if you’re able to — and your office equipment doesn’t require considerable protection and careful packing — you may want to pack things up by yourself.

However, you should only take this route if you don’t have a lot to pack and can easily get the job done without cutting into your business’ normal schedule too much. And if your business equipment is delicate, it’s in your best interest to leave the packing to the pros.

3. Schedule Your Move During the Off-Season

If you’re planning to hire a commercial moving company (you probably should), know that summertime is peak moving season. And since movers’ schedules are usually more packed during those times, they may charge more for services. Usually, you’ll pay more to move during late spring and summer than you will during autumn, winter, and early spring.

If you want to save money on your move and you have some flexibility in terms of timing, consider conducting your relocation during fall or winter. Not only might you score better pricing on services but you’ll likely also get your first-choice spot on your chosen moving company’s schedule.

4. Plan for Downtime

Set aside a few days for your relocation and settling into your new location well in advance of your move date. That way, you’ll already be expecting to spend that time conducting the move, so you’ll be less likely to face scheduling obstacles that could cut into your business’s bottom line.

5. Hire an Experienced Commercial Moving Company

Yes, hiring a commercial moving company requires an upfront investment, but that investment can potentially save you hundreds, possibly even thousands, of dollars. Hiring the pros not only cuts down the amount of downtime you’ll need to plan for but also reduces the likelihood of damage to your expensive business equipment.

Professional commercial movers can also help you coordinate your relocation with a custom move plan and arrange for short- or long-term storage of items that may not fit in your new location. Perhaps most importantly, when the pros handle the majority of your move, you and your staff don’t have to put your safety at risk. Letting the pros handle the heavy lifting and awkward maneuvering could potentially save you thousands in medical costs.

Check out a few other reasons you should hire commercial moving services for your next business relocation.

6. Schedule Your Move as Early as Possible

The earlier you schedule your relocation with the moving company (you should do it at least 12 weeks before your desired move date) the better rate you’ll likely get. If you schedule just a couple of weeks before the day(s) you’d like to move, the cost of services could increase by hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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