If you’re getting ready to move, you’ve probably considered packing up your house by yourself. After all, why should you pay professional movers and packers to do a job you can more or less do on your own?


While that reasoning does seem to make sense, it doesn’t necessarily take into account the fact that you probably own several things you really shouldn’t pack by yourself. Sure, you can toss a bunch of stuff into boxes, tape them up, and load them in the back of a truck. But even so, that doesn’t mean the contents of those boxes will arrive at your new place undamaged.


And what about your super fragile belongings? Do you know how to pack, load, and transport them safely? Your furniture and appliances? Can you move them without risking an injury?


If you’re thinking about DIY packing, it may be time to reconsider. The movers and packers at Ace Moving & Warehousing in the Twin Cities explain why below.


Professional Movers Have Extensive Training

Unless you’re a professional packer yourself, you don’t have anywhere near the level of packing expertise that trained moving pros have. Packing, loading, transporting, and unpacking stuff is their full-time job, and they’re trained to perform the process as safely, efficiently, and quickly as possible.


If you want peace of mind knowing your belongings are properly packed and protected, working with professional movers and packers is the way to go.


Full Packing Services Save You Time

Packing an entire home full of stuff is incredibly time consuming. If you do it yourself and make it your full-time job, here’s how long the packing process will likely take:


●        Studio or one-bedroom apartment: 1-2 days

●        2-bedroom home: 2-3 days

●        3-bedroom home: 3-5 days

●        4-bedroom home: 4-7 days

●        5+ bedroom home: 6-10 days


Do you have that kind of time? Are you prepared to spend your weekends drowning in boxes and piles of stuff? And if you have kids, is packing on your own even feasible with little ones running around?


When you work with professional movers and opt for full packing services, here’s how long you can expect the packing process to take:


●        Studio or one-bedroom apartment: 2-4 hours

●        2-bedroom home: 3-5 hours

●        3-bedroom home: 5-7 hours

●        4-bedroom home: 6-10 hours

●        5+ bedroom home: 8-12 hours


Ideally, what would prefer? Sacrificing a huge amount of time to pack your stuff on your own, or leaving the job to highly trained and efficient professionals? If you can work full packing services into your move budget, it’s absolutely worth the cost.


When You Hire Professional Movers, You Get Insurance

When you hire professional movers and packers to handle your relocation, basic liability insurance (released value protection) comes standard. Beyond basic insurance, you can opt to purchase additional coverage (full value protection) if you’re moving high-value items.


If any of your belongings are lost or damaged during the move, you can file a claim for reimbursement. The type of moving insurance you opt for will determine the amount of reimbursement you ultimately get, but simply knowing your belongings are protected is invaluable during a move.


When you pack and move by yourself, however, you’re on the hook for anything you break or lose. If you’re supremely confident in your skills and don’t mind replacing lost or damaged items, by all means, skip the movers.


But if you like knowing your things are properly packed, well protected, and insured against damage and loss, hiring professional movers is the only way to go.


DIY Packing Puts You at Risk for Injuries

Moving large pieces of furniture and heavy, breakable appliances can be seriously taxing. Worse, if you don’t have the proper equipment to move these items, you may put yourself at risk for serious injuries like:


●        Low back strain

●        Herniated discs

●        Broken fingers or toes

●        Knee injuries

●        Hernia


It’s easy to assume these kinds of injuries couldn’t happen to you, but in reality, you simply never know — they’re always a possibility. That’s especially true if you have any type of pre-existing physical condition or you’re living with an old injury or two that may be more prone to re-injury.


Hiring a professional moving company to pack, load, transport, and unload heavy, bulky items is your best bet for avoiding physical injuries during your move. Furniture movers and appliance movers have extensive training in best practices for handling these types of items, and they also have the appropriate equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 


Working With a Moving Company Can Dramatically Reduce Move Stress

A recent survey polled 1,000 Americans who had moved within the last three years. The survey asked about several things related to the respondents’ recent relocations, including their stress levels throughout the moving process.


What did the survey find? That a whopping 45% of participants stated moving was the most stressful event they’ve ever been through. Respondents claimed their recent move was even more taxing than notoriously stressful events like going through a divorce or planning a wedding. Nearly half of respondents who opted for a DIY move said they’d never do it again.


What did they find so stressful about the whole process? Let’s take a look:


●        48% said packing up their house was ridiculously stressful

●        47% stated figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of was super stressful

●        Nearly everyone noted that moving furniture up or down stairways and through doorways was an incredibly stressful part of their move


Ready for some encouraging news? Here it is: Of those surveyed who hired professional moving services, 94% said it was worth every dime. 


While picking up your life and transferring it somewhere new will always entail some degree of stress, there’s no reason you need to burden yourself more than necessary. And professional movers and packers make sure you don’t. They shoulder a large portion of the most challenging moving tasks, so your relocation moves along as smoothly as possible.


For more helpful info, check out our top tips for managing move stress throughout your relocation process.


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