Full Packing Services

Get The Full Package With Our Superior Moving Services

Careful handling, secure packaging, and safe transportation: that’s what you can expect from Ace Moving & Warehousing when we take care of your residential or commercial move. Our dedication to professional quality moving solutions includes offering our customers:

  • Upfront Pricing - No Hidden Fees
  • Honest Reputation
  • Professional, Reliable, and Dedicated Service

Full Packing Services

At Ace, our professional movers and packers are trained in the best techniques and use of professional grade materials. When it’s time to pack your things, our movers come to your home with all the necessary materials. All they’ll need is a flat, open surface, such as a counter or table, on which to work. And by the time they’re done, you can rest assured that all your valuables and possessions will receive the utmost attention and care they deserve.

Customize Your Full Packaging Solutions

Ace full packing service is fully customized for each client based on their individual needs. We’ve got you covered, whether it's your entire house or just a few prized possessions. Our packing services include but are not limited to:

  • Hand-wrapping breakable items, and placing them in special containers
  • Hanging clothes in wardrobe cartons for convenience
  • Wrapping and cushioning each antique item for safe transit
  • If needed, building wooden crates to protect larger breakable items

For your peace of mind, all Ace packers and moving crew members undergo background checks before employment. Rest assured the crew in your home is not only skilled, but trustworthy. They treat your precious items with the care and the security you expect.

If you think you might handle some of the packing yourself, ask us about the price options for full-packing, partial-packing, and do-it-yourself packing with our professional-grade moving supplies.

Non-Packable Items

Certain hazardous items and dangerous materials should not be moved, and legally, cannot be moved by us or any professional mover. Simply stated, there are items you can pack, items the professional movers should pack, and things those professionals simply cannot pack for you.

Items we Cannot Pack or Transport:

Hazardous materials such as acids, flammable items, aerosols, gasoline, and many more. Click here to view the full list of hazardous materials and how to properly dispose of them before you move.

Items we Will Not Pack or Transport:

Perishable items such as frozen, refrigerated or opened food products. Click here to view the list of exceptions for moving perishable items. Note: houseplants are also considered perishable items, so scroll down to No. 9 for how to move plants.

Items you Should Pack and Transport Yourself:

Personal items such as address books, car titles, checkbooks, financial documents, and many more. Click here to view the full list of items you should pack and move yourself.

Remember, the above lists are in place to ensure a safe and effective moving experience for you and our movers. If you have any questions regarding the items listed, contact us or please call us at (763) 755-2045 to speak with an expert.

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