When moving out of a home into a new one, most people leave their appliances behind for the new owners. However, if you have negotiated to take your appliances with you, you may be looking to hire a moving service to assist you. Moving appliances on your own is challenging. They can be heavy, bulky, and if not secured and transported correctly, can become damaged during transport. If you have never hired a mover to help with appliance moving, you may have many questions. Here is some information you need to know as you look for movers to assist with appliance moving services.


How An Appliance Moving Service Moves Your Appliances

One of the benefits to hiring a professional mover to move your appliances is that they have the right devices to move your appliances. When moving them themselves, many people use a furniture dolly. This is much easier than having people carry the appliance. However, a furniture dolly isn't designed for appliances. It may not support the weight of certain appliances and appliances may have a hard time balancing on this type of dolly. A professional mover has an appliance dolly, which is designed to support the weight of your heaviest appliances and help them balance, ensuring they are not damaged while being moved in or out of a home.


How Your Appliances Are Secured During Transport

Once the appliance are moved onto a truck, they need to be secured in place. This is extremely important, as the appliance can move, tip or shift if it is not properly secured. A professional moving company will often use ratchet tie down straps to secure your appliances in place in their trucks. These straps have a tiny amount of give so that the strap does not dent or ding the appliance. But they are strong enough to hold the appliance in place and prevent it from shifting, destroying itself or other items in the moving truck while it is being driven to its new home.


If Appliance Movers Handle Appliance Disconnect and Reconnect Process

The last thing you need to know about appliance moving services is whether they handle the appliance disconnect and reconnect process. Some moving companies will unplug your appliance and disconnect them from their power source, such as gas. They may then reconnect them to the power source when the appliance arrives at the new destination. Other companies may not handle this process. Always ask a company if they do this or not as you look to hire an appliance moving company.


As you prepare to move, you may decide to hire a moving service to help with appliance moving, packing services, loading and unloading your belongings or transporting your goods. Ace Midwest Moving and Storage can help those planning moves in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Twin Cities Metro Area of Minnesota. We are a local Minneapolis moving company who can assist with residential moving, commercial moving, corporate relocations, appliance moving services, packing services, military moves, crate, and storage services. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer or to get a quote for your upcoming move.