Are you planning an upcoming relocation? Then finding and hiring the right moving company for your needs is a critical step in the planning process. While there are plenty of professional moving companies that serve the Rochester metro, not all of them offer the same quality of service or even the same service offerings. Below, the experts at Ace Moving & Warehousing share a few helpful tips for hiring the best moving company for your needs.

Be Wary of Moving Companies That Want a Large Upfront Deposit

A reputable moving company will not ask you for a large upfront deposit before they complete any of the work. Rather, quality professional movers will have you pay for their services upon delivery, which means you’ll hand them payment after your things arrive at your new location.

You can certainly choose to pay your movers upfront; however, you’ll have virtually no control over what happens to belongings if you take that route. And, if you need additional services, you’ll have to furnish another payment when the move is over. If you do want to pay the bill prior to the move, be sure to pay with a credit card for protection against possible fraud.

Discuss Your Moving Needs With the Company’s Estimator

High-quality professional movers will want to know which household items you plan to put on the truck and which ones you’ll be moving yourself. This information allows the movers to furnish an accurate cost estimate, as well as determine what type of equipment they’ll need to bring.

If you get a quote from a prospective moving company and the estimator doesn’t ask any questions about what you plan to pack, chances are your estimate won’t reflect the true cost of the move.

Find Movers Who Take an Inventory

Reputable movers base the total cost of your relocation on the weight and volume of the items you plan to move. When you’re pricing out companies, the estimator should perform a thorough inventory of everything you plan to move, either through an in-person consult or a virtual meeting.

It’s virtually impossible to determine the estimated total weight and volume of your belongings without taking a thorough inventory, so be wary of any movers who do this. 

Look for a Moving Company That Offers Comprehensive Services

Moving is stressful and complicated, but when you hire a company that offers comprehensive moving services, the process goes much smoother. That’s why it’s important to find professional movers who offer multiple services beyond loading, transporting, and unloading your belongings. Here are some super helpful services to keep an eye out for:

●        Full moving and packing services. Companies that offer these services take care of your move in its entirety. They supply packing materials, pack your belongings, transport your things to your new home, and unload the truck once they arrive.

●        Storage solutions. Whether you’re downsizing or have belongings you would prefer to keep in storage, finding a moving company that offers climate-controlled storage solutions can be helpful. If the movers take great care of your belongings during the moving process, you can typically trust they’ll also take great care of your things in storage, too.

●        Crating. Custom crates are a fantastic way to protect large, bulky, or awkwardly shaped items during your relocation. Moving companies that offer this service build custom crates based on the dimensions of your belongings to offer additional protection against damage and breakage.

●        Appliance moving. If you’re planning to move large, bulky appliances, you need a moving team that understands how to conduct the process efficiently and safely. Not every moving company trains their movers on best practices for moving large appliances, so be sure to ask about this offering during your initial consultation.

Research the Moving Company’s Reputation

If a moving company has a stellar reputation in the surrounding community, it’s typically a safe bet. But if you find professional movers that don’t have plenty of online reviews, do some digging.

See if the business is accredited with the BBB and whether there have been any complaints lodged against them. It’s not uncommon for shady moving companies to change their names to avoid a previously acquired poor reputation, so make sure you do your due diligence.

Request Everything in Writing

Any reputable moving company will be more than willing to put every detail of your moving contract in writing. You should get the moving estimate, your pick-up date, your delivery date, and the moving insurance policy on paper.

Make sure you read the full contract before signing it to ensure all of your belongings are included. You won’t be able to file an insurance claim for a damaged or missing item if that item is not on the inventory list, so keep that in mind.

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