Whether you’re thinking about making a move within Minnesota or to somewhere else in the United States, you probably have at least a couple of locations in mind. If that’s true, have you already been to those places? Do you know if you’ll enjoy them? If so, great!

But if not — or if you just want to move but aren’t yet sure where — why not relocate somewhere that’s almost guaranteed to be awesome? If you have some flexibility in choosing your relocation destination, check out six of the best places to live in the U.S. for some move-planning inspiration. 

What Makes a Place Great?

Before we dive into the cities, let’s briefly touch on how the locations below snagged a spot on this list. These areas made the cut because they:

  • Have a reasonable cost of living compared to per capita personal income
  • Scored highly on the ShareCare Community Well-Being Index, which measures overall well-being of residents based on proven health risk factors
  • Have low unemployment rates and good schools
  • Have low crime rates according to FBI data
  • Have plenty of outdoor opportunities, culture, and reasonable weather
  • Experienced a population increase over the past year

Please note that the following cities are not listed in any particular order. They’re all excellent places to live depending on what you’re looking for.

Charleston, South Carolina

This charming southern city is known for its proximity to the beach, historic downtown, array of outdoor activities, traditional Lowcountry cuisine, tourism, and plentiful job opportunities.

Mercedes, Volvo, and Boeing have operations here, which is great news if you prefer a traditional, in-office work environment with opportunities for upward mobility. If, on the other hand, you already work from home, you should fit in great here, too. Charleston is one of 20 cities in the U.S. where more than 25% of job applications are for remote opportunities.

Austin, Texas

The capital of the Lone Star State is known for its cultural diversity, plentiful career opportunities, plethora of outdoor and entertainment activities, and low tax rates. This vibrant southern city has topped best-of city rankings in the U.S. for many years running for many reasons. It’s a fun place to live and work, the climate is great year round, and the city has long been one of the most affordable urban areas in the country.

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Tampa, Florida

This super-sunny, southern city is situated by the beach, has plenty of diversity, and is chock-full of job opportunities at high-profile companies. Tampa is also home to 80 universities, colleges, and technical schools, as well as affordable housing, year-round beach weather, and tons of entertainment opportunities.

Like Texas, Florida also has a low tax rate (neither state levies a state income tax), which makes the cost of living even more affordable. Whether you’re looking to work remotely, at a major corporation, or you’re not looking to work at all (Florida has more retirees than any other state), the Sunshine State has something for just about everyone.

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Boise, Idaho

If you’re a fan of the mountains and outdoor recreation opportunities galore, Boise — one of the healthiest cities in the U.S. — might be one lesser-known area you may want to consider. The city sees more than 200 days of sun each year, and it’s quickly becoming a popular site for tech companies and start-ups.

Currently, Albertsons, HP, and Micron have large operations here, and job opportunities are plentiful, so if you’re looking for a career, you’ll likely find one. The area has also seen an influx of remote workers in recent years as people migrate from densely populated urban areas in California, Oregon, and Washington State.

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

Want to relocate but not too far away? Then why not make a local move somewhere within the Twin Cities metro? Both Minneapolis and St. Paul make the cut for some of the best cities in the U.S. for their plentiful job opportunities, reasonable costs of living, high employment rates, quality schools, and plethora of outdoor activities.

Minneapolis is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, and both St. Paul and Minneapolis rank highly among U.S. cities for convenient access to green space. If you’ve been in the area a while but just need a change of pace, moving to a new area of town may be all the change you need. After all, you’re already living in one of the best metro areas in the country!

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