Thinking of moving somewhere new this year? Or perhaps next? While you no doubt have your own unique reasons for moving, chances are you share at least a few reasons with the millions of other U.S. residents who move every year.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s population survey data, most folks move for housing, employment, and family reasons. But there are a few other common drivers behind relocations, too. Let’s take a look at the top six reasons people move in the United States.

1. People Move for Better Housing

According to Census survey data from 1999 to 2020, the most common reason people changed locations was to move into a newer, larger, or better home. Others wanted to relocate to a neighborhood with less crime, while many people chose to move for more affordable housing. It’s no secret the housing market has been out of control lately, and currently, lots of folks are still moving because they need a cheaper place to live.

Plenty of people also move because they’re downsizing, either because they’ve retired or they simply don’t want to worry about having so much stuff. If that sounds like something you might be considering, check out Moving to a Smaller Place? 8 Tips for Efficient Downsizing While You Pack.

2. People Move for Employment Reasons

Between 1999-2020, millions of people moved for a variety of reasons related to their jobs or lack thereof. Most commonly, people move for new jobs or job transfers, but folks also move to make their current commute shorter and to look for work in a new area after job loss. Higher salaries, skills acquisition, and better benefits also top the list of job-related reasons behind domestic relocations in the U.S.

3. Lots of Folks Move for Family

Whether it’s to be closer to aging loved ones, a change in marital status, or to settle down and start a family, millions of U.S. residents move each year for a variety of family reasons. Often, people leave densely populated, urban areas for more family-friendly locales where they feel safe raising children and buying homes. Many older U.S. residents move to be closer to their children and their growing families, too.

Whether you’re nearing retirement or stopped working long ago and want to be closer to your loved ones, moving at an advanced age can be challenging. If you’re planning a relocation, check out our senior moving and packing tips for advice on how to make your move as seamless and safe as possible. And if you’re moving with children, check out our top tips for moving with kids.

4. People Move for College

Each year, 19.2 million people enroll in colleges throughout the United States. And in most states, approximately 25% of enrolled college students are not residents of the state where they attend college. That means millions of people move to attend college each year, and on the flip side of the coin, millions of people also move each year when they graduate from college.

Are you moving for college soon? Or perhaps you have a child who’s heading off to university? Then definitely check out our top tips for a successful college move

5. People Move for a Change in Climate

The United States encompasses a broad range of climates from states with all four seasons (three of which seem to be variations on winter) to those with year-round beach weather. Recently, as remote work has grown more prevalent, lots of folks make interstate relocations simply because they’re not particularly fond of the climate in their current locale.

6. People Relocate for Health Reasons

Lots of aging folks in northern states move to warmer areas of the country for health reasons. Plenty of younger people do the same. Cold weather can exacerbate certain health conditions, particularly those that have an autoimmune component, which makes a temperate climate highly desirable for people with such conditions.

People with serious health concerns often move to be closer to family, too. Medical and long-term care are expensive in the U.S., and millions of aging and ailing individuals simply cannot afford the high cost of ongoing care. As such, they either move in with or nearer to family members who can help them with their medical needs.

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