The Twin Cities metro area alone has nearly 3.5 million residents, and of those millions of people, thousands are moving to new areas on a daily basis. Are you preparing to become one of them?

If you live in the Midwest, chances are you probably know someone who has moved and might even know someone who decided to move on their own without hiring a moving company. And while it’s easy to assume you’ll be able to move by yourself (which you can certainly do), tackling a do-it-yourself relocation can be remarkably challenging and stressful. That’s especially true if you’re making a long-distance move, have children or pets to worry about, or simply have a ton of stuff to relocate.

Whether your move is local, interstate, or international, hiring reliable movers is an excellent decision and one that you will not regret.

If you’re unsure how to find the right residential moving company for your needs, read on for some helpful tips on hiring professional movers.

1. Have the Moving Company Take Inventory of All of Your Items

Not all moving companies will inventory your goods for you. But a reputable, high-quality moving company will take inventory to help you decide the actual size and weight of all of the items you will be moving.

Having someone estimate in advance how much space and how many tools you will actually need will help you know how much space you will require for moving, as well as storage.

Think you might need to store some stuff while you get your move sorted out? Before you start pricing out facilities, check out the benefits of climate-controlled storage and what you must know before renting a storage unit. The more you know about choosing a unit, the safer your stored items will stay.

2. Make Sure You Get a Complete and Thorough Walk-Through

A comprehensive walk-through is important to confirm what your moving needs actually are. During a walk-through, you can also get advice on ways to pack and different approaches to ensure your valuable items are cared for properly. Reliable residential movers like Ace Moving & Warehousing will be able to give you a complete walk-through to ensure your move is efficient and stress free.

Could you use some packing tips? We’ve got you covered! Check out our tips for packing fragile items and tips for packing your clothes for helpful ideas.

3. Verify the Moving Company’s Registration and Licensing

If you’re moving across state lines, make sure that any long-distance moving companies you’re looking at are properly permitted, licensed, and registered. Under federal law, interstate movers must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). And in Minnesota, all household moving companies also need to hold a permit (which they must renew annually) from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

When you’re pricing out services, ask the company representative about these things. If they seem hesitant to share this info, don’t hire them. Any reputable moving company should be more than willing to provide these details, both for legal reasons and to give you peace of mind.

4. There Is No Need to Pay a Substantial Deposit

Midwest movers, especially local Minneapolis companies, will sometimes make you pay a substantial deposit, which you may not get back depending on the outcome of your move. That’s a big red flag. So if you run into a company that asks for a sizeable upfront deposit before they’ll perform any work, it’s probably in your best interest to keep looking.

At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we keep our deposits small so you have one less thing to stress about during your move. If you have any questions about how our deposit policy works, as well as any other fees you may incur, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always more than happy to answer questions and know you’ll appreciate our competitive rates.

5. Ask Your Friends or Family for References

If you live in the Twin Cities area, chances are you know someone who has hired a professional moving company. And chances are that person would love to tell you all about their experience, whether it was positive or negative.

Getting references from friends or family members who’ve worked with Twin Cities moving companies in the past is probably the most reliable way to get solid advice. After all, your loved ones won’t steer you in the direction of a moving company they didn’t like.

Curious what people have to say about our team at Ace? Check out our customer testimonials to find out!

5. Don’t Pay More Than Necessary

Moving services and products can be expensive. Some companies, whether they assist with residential moves or commercial moves, will make you pay an obscene amount for every single service they provide and every single product they offer.

At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we’re not here to rip you off. Rather, we want to provide you with quality products and services at a cost-effective rate. This is why we make sure to keep our products and services competitively priced and promise to not charge you more than necessary.

When you contact us for an estimate, ask about any current deals we have going on. We’re always more than happy to help you plan the most cost-effective way to relocate!

Speaking of estimates, check out the 7 questions you should always ask when getting moving quotes.

6. Speak Up About Any Problems You Experience

No one is perfect, and even professional movers can make mistakes or experience problems. At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we’re committed to making sure you get the best level of service possible.

We hold our employees accountable and request that you let us know if you experience any issues or problems with our team, products, or services. Your feedback helps us improve our processes, so we can continually provide the highest quality service. We want to support you in every part of the moving process and will promptly handle any issues that may come up.

Looking for Professional Moving Services in Minneapolis or St. Paul?

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