You’ve sold your home and have begun packing. Perhaps you assume that leaving your appliances behind versus moving them is the best option. Is it really? If you have negotiated with the new owners, you could have the option to take your appliances with you to your new home. Refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and any other appliances you have can be moved, and moving them all by yourself can feel nearly impossible. Not only are appliances large and heavy, if you don’t secure them correctly during the move they can be damaged.


Where do you start, and what questions do you ask if you think you might want to hire local movers to relocate your appliances? Below are six things to keep in mind as you decide whether to move your appliances to your new home.

1.   Appliance Moving Equipment

Appliances don’t typically fit on a normal furniture dolly, as these were designed for furniture and not bulky appliances. If you hire our moving company, we will have all the tools and gear needed to move all of your belongings—appliances included. We’ll use an appliance dolly, which is specifically made to support heavy appliances as well as keep them balanced, which will reduce the chance of the appliance being damaged during the move. Moving companies will also have sliders or gliders to ensure wood floors aren’t scratched.

2.   Method of Transportation

If you think you’ll be able to use your car to move your appliances, you most likely won’t be successful. If you’ve hired a professional mover, like Ace Moving & Warehousing, our trucks will be big enough to store your appliances during the transport.

3.   Safety

Taking all necessary safety precautions is a must with obscure, bulky objects like appliances. Hurting your knees or back are both plausible outcomes if you decide you are going to move your appliances on your own. Our professional movers are trained in how to move these large items without injury.

4.   Securing your Appliances During the Move

Once we’ve used our appliance dolly to get your appliances into the moving truck, we’ll then properly secure the appliances. The bigger the object the more important it is to properly secure it while moving. Our professional movers have the supplies needed to make sure all appliances are secured. Ratchet tie-down straps are often used to make sure appliances won’t tip during the move. The benefit to using ratchet tie-down straps is because there’s a give in the strap, which prevents the strap from leaving dents or marks in the appliance.


Beyond ratchet tie down straps, we’ll also use blankets. Moving companies, like Ace Moving & Warehousing, will not only have appliance dollies and ratchet tie downs, we’ll also have blankets. The blankets will help to ensure the appliances don’t get scratched.

5.   Disconnecting and Reconnecting Your Appliances

When you move appliances, you’ll need to disconnect and reconnect to water, power, and possibly gas lines. Not all moving companies complete the same services when moving appliances, but at Ace Moving & Warehousing, we do it all.  Because disconnecting gas appliances can be a dangerous task, trust our team to take care of the hassle.

6.   Read the User Manuals

Still think you want to move your appliances on your own? Just make sure you take the time to read the owner’s manual for your appliances before you start. For example, your washing machine most likely has special moving rods that are used to immobilize the drum during the transport. There are vital steps like this when it comes to moving your appliances that shouldn’t be overlooked.


Moving companies, like Ace Moving & Warehousing, have done the research and are the professionals you need to make your move smooth and pain-free. We’re the one-stop-shop for all your needs. At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we can help with custom move plans, climate controlled storage, military moves, evictions, full packing services, appliance services, and more. We’re able to be there for you through residential moves, corporate relocations, and commercial moving. Give us a call today to at (763) 755-2045 to get all of your questions answered and to get a quote today. We will move you and all of your appliances to your new location.