If you have hired a mover to pack your items or transport it, they may recommend that certain fragile items be crated, rather than packed in a box. However, many people are not familiar with what crating is and why it is used. Getting answers to the questions you have about this process will help you to better understand its importance if a mover suggests you crate something.


What is Crating?

Crating is the process of building a wooden box, or a crate, around a fragile item. This helps to minimize the amount of moving and shifting the item does. For example, if you have a glass or crystal chandelier, a mover will likely suggest it be crated. They will build a wooden box to the size of the chandelier. Foam or other materials to help cushion the chandelier are placed inside the crate. The chandelier is then placed inside and transported.


Why is Crating Important?

Crating is one of the best ways to protect fragile items, antique items or items that may not otherwise fit inside of a standard-sized moving box. Movers will suggest items you should crate based on their experience moving those items in the past or the items value. However, you have the final say in whether an item should be crated or not. If it is suggested you crate an item and you decline to do so, you may be asked to sign a waiver holding the movers harmless if something happens to the item during transport. As such, it is important that you heed the mover's advice in order to ensure your item arrives to your new home in the same condition it left in.


What Type of Items Are Put In Crates?

Often, odd-shaped items that are valuable are put in crates. This may be electronics, artwork, antiques, light fixtures or musical equipment. If you attempt to look for a custom box for an odd-shaped item and you cannot find one readily available, there is a good chance that crating is probably the best option.


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