Did you know the average person moves 11 or more times throughout their life? All of those boxes and disposable packing materials, plus the fuel required to move those belongings have inherent environmental impacts that add up over time. So if you’re trying to be a more eco-conscious human, is it possible to make your Rochester move more environmentally friendly? Absolutely! Below, the professional movers and packers at Ace Moving & Warehousing have 6 helpful moving tips that can help you reduce your carbon footprint.


Consider Packing in Reusable Containers

During a move, it’s nearly impossible to avoid using boxes, but you can definitely cut down on the number of boxes you need by using packing containers you already own! You’ve probably got plenty of useful items around the house, including:


●        Duffel bags and gym bags

●        Reusable grocery totes and bags

●        Sturdy plastic storage bins

●        Suitcases

●        Dresser drawers


If you have an item that can fit things inside of it, consider filling it up before you pack it. Got a few 5-gallon buckets in your shed or garage? Fill them up with smaller items. Have an empty trash can that can hold stuff? Clean it out, insert a brand new bag, and fill it up! The more you can pack in the containers you already own, the fewer moving materials you’ll need to purchase.


Repurpose Old Boxes

Even though online shopping isn’t the most environmentally friendly practice, you’ve probably ordered your fair share of items on the internet. What do those items come packed in? You guessed it: cardboard boxes. If you routinely shop online or even at large wholesale stores, you’ve likely taken home your fair share of boxes, and those boxes can always be repurposed during your move.


Another option for DIY packers is acquiring used cardboard boxes from retail outlets, friends, family, and even online outlets like Craigslist. Keep in mind, though, that if you choose to acquire used boxes, they may not be as sturdy or structurally sound as the boxes that are available from a professional moving company. You may need to use extra packing tape to provide additional stability, and you’ll need to be extra cautious when transferring boxes to and from the moving truck.


Be Creative With Your Packing Materials

If you’re planning to pack your own things and you want to reduce waste, try getting creative with your packing materials! You probably have several items around the house that can serve as protective cushioning and help you avoid using non-sustainable packing materials. Some items to consider include:


●        Kitchen and bath towels

●        Old newspapers

●        Bed linens

●        Comforters

●        Pillows

●        Old clothing


If you’re hiring professional movers and packers to help you out, consider asking if they offer recyclable moving materials. Since the professionals will likely rely on their own packing products, you probably won’t be able to use random household items as packing materials since doing so may present a liability issue for the moving company. But, if the company has green moving materials or knows of a collection point where you can recycle cardboard boxes and old plastic, that’ll help reduce your carbon footprint.


Consolidate Trips

It’s no secret that driving isn’t the most environmentally friendly practice, and relocators are notorious for making many, many trips throughout the packing and moving process. But if you’re trying to minimize your environmental footprint, one of the most effective ways to do it is to reduce your fuel consumption by consolidating your trips.


Consolidating errands isn’t tough; it just takes a bit of planning. Before you dash out the door, make a list of everything you need to do and pick up while you’re out and about. If you need to pick up a couple of supplies, see if you can acquire everything you need from a single store. If you need to put items in storage, try to fit as much stuff in your vehicle as you can to reduce the need for multiple trips.


Donate Items You No Longer Need

A relocation is a great opportunity to get rid of unnecessary clutter and all the things you no longer use — but don’t just toss them in the trash! Rather, when you’re organizing your packing, create designated piles for items you want to donate and recycle, as well as a pile for items you have no choice but to toss. To make your packing process as eco-friendly as possible, though, make sure you keep your “toss” pile as small as possible — it should only contain items you (or someone else) truly cannot make use of.


If you’re getting rid of non-functional electronics, don’t throw them away! Most electronics and even batteries can be recycled, so check in with local recycling centers to find out where you can take such items. Check out this resource for a variety of websites that can help you find a Rochester recycling service that accepts old electronics.


Keep Dishware Easily Accessible

The kitchen is a notorious pain to pack up, which is why most people try to tackle it first — but that’s not the greenest way of doing things. When you pack up all your dishware and utensils in advance of your move date, you’re forced to rely on disposable plates, flatware, and cups for every meal, which (as you know) isn’t great for the environment. And even if you use paper items rather than styrofoam or plastic, you’re still creating unnecessary trash.


Though packing up dishes at the last minute will take some extra time, it’s worth it if you’re really concerned about unnecessary waste. You don’t have to leave out every dish, just enough of them to get you and your family through the moving process without the need for non-sustainable kitchenware.


Another option is to purchase a few pieces of reusable camping kitchenware and use those instead of leaving your regular dishes out. And if you order takeout, make sure you tell the restaurant to hold the plastic!


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