The kitchen is the heart of a home. Before you move, you want to take the time to properly pack your kitchen to ensure all of the items you are packing remain intact and free from damage during transport. Here are a few tips to follow before you attempt to pack your kitchen. 

Declutter Before Packing

One of the top tips for packing your kitchen is to take the time to declutter before you begin to pack. A few weeks prior to your move, go through your drawers and cabinets. Most people have a junk drawer filled with items that they may not use. They may also have kitchen appliances that never get used. If you have kitchen tools, appliances or devices that you do not use, take the time to get rid of them now. The more you get rid of, the less you have to pack, unpack and find a home for when you move. 

Bundle Items Together

The second tip for packing your kitchen is to bundle small items together. For example, take all of your forks and wrap a rubber band around them, so they stay together. Or use stretch wrap to hold all of your knives securely in place in your knife block. Bundling items together or wrapping them together helps you find the items you need when you are unpacking and makes unpacking easier. Instead of having ten forks bouncing around in a box, you have one large bundle of forks to find and unpack. 

Consider Specialized Packing Materials

As you pack your kitchen, consider using specialized packing materials. There are specialized boxes and foam inserts that hold your dishes, glasses, and pots and pans. These items are designed for the shape of these items, helping to protect them from shifting or bouncing around while you are moving. If you do not want to invest in specialized packing materials, consider wrapping your plates and glass kitchen items in dish towels or other towels to protect them during a move. 

Don't Make Your Boxes Too Heavy

The last tip you should follow as you pack your kitchen is to never make your boxes too heavy. Boxes can quickly become heavy when you are placing plates, pots or kitchen appliances in them. Always lift your boxes as you pack them to ensure they are not too heavy. If they are too heavy, the box can break while they are being transported and/or moving the box can prove challenging. 

Hiring a mover can help to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. A mover ensures that all of your items are properly packed and transported without damage. Here at Ace Moving & Warehousing, we can help you with all of your moving needs, including residential moving, interstate moving, intrastate moving, commercial moving, corporate relocations, military moves and crating and storage solutions. Contact us today to get a free estimate.