After all the stress and commotion of a big family move, finding the will to unpack your belongings when you finally arrive at your new home can be a challenge. And if you have kids running around, it’s even more difficult to find the time to unpack your stuff. At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we know relocating can be a stressful, exhausting process, and we’re here to help. Below, we’ve outlined a few tips for making your unpacking process as simple and streamlined as possible.

Organize Your Packing Before You Move

If you pack your belongings all willy nilly before you move, you’ll only make the unpacking process more daunting. Disorganization is the enemy of any relocation, so before you load a single box into the moving truck, make sure all of your belongings are organized!

To streamline both your packing and unpacking process, pack boxes according to the room they belong in. Clearly label each box when you’re finished packing it, so there’s no confusion about what’s inside. When you arrive at your new location and your movers unload the truck, have them situate boxes according to the rooms in which they belong. When it comes time to unpack the contents of each box, the process will move much faster since you won’t need to transport boxes all over the house.

Keep in mind that if you’re short on time or your organizational skills could use some work, you can always opt for full packing services from a professional moving company. The professionals will take care of the entire packing process for you, so you can focus on other important moving tasks. 

Color Code or Number Your Boxes

If you’re planning to pack your belongings on your own, it’s always a good idea to implement some type of coded organization system. Beyond labeling boxes with the room name they belong in, you can also try using a color-coding system for super simple organization and box recognition.

Designate a specific color for each room and if you have young kids, you can include them in the color-coding process! Simply grab several different colors of markers and let your little ones know which colors to scribble on each box. When your movers arrive, you can let them know about your color system, so they can quickly and easily determine where each box belongs. 

Pack a Bag of Essentials

There’s nothing worse than needing a toothbrush, toilet paper, or a bath towel on your first night in your new home and not being able to find it. To ensure you’re not digging through endless boxes to find the everyday items you’ll immediately need, make sure you pack an essentials bag for your move. Your bag should contain the items you cannot go a day without, including:

●        Pajamas and a change of clothes

●        Any necessary medications

●        A first aid kit

●        Shower essentials

●        Toothbrush and toothpaste

●        Laptop and phone chargers

●        Disposable dishes and flatware

Keep in mind the above list is not comprehensive and it’ll be different for everyone. Imagine you’re going on a weekend getaway—what would you normally take with you? Pack those things.

Keep in mind that even if you plan to hire professional movers and packers, you’ll still need to pack your own essentials bag. The professionals have no clue what you use on a daily basis and even if they did, there are a number of items (like medications, valuable electronics, etc.) that your movers won’t pack or transport.

Assign Kids Their Own Boxes

If you have little ones running around, they can complicate the unpacking process considerably. However, there’s a simple solution to ensure your kids stay entertained and don’t get underfoot while you unpack.

If your kids are old enough to safely unpack their things, assign them their own boxes. Since your belongings should already be organized by room, your kids’ stuff should already be situated inside their bedrooms. Once your kids have their own things unpacked, just let them play with their stuff!

If your little ones are too young to help unpack, try setting up a play area for them in a low-traffic space where you can keep a close eye on their activity. It may be a good idea to set up a baby gate if you have one, just to ensure they don’t wander into a cluttered, potentially unsafe area.

Unpack Rooms in the Most Logical Order

After an exhausting move, most people want nothing more than a hot, relaxing shower, so unpack your bathroom boxes first. After you tackle the bathroom, move on to your other belongings in a logical order like this:

●        Bedrooms. You need to sleep somewhere, right? And if you don’t want to snooze on the floor, you need to put your bed together. While you’re at it, unpack the rest of your bedroom stuff.

●        Kitchen. Start by putting away dishes, flatware, pots, and pans, so you can cook a hot meal for your family. Then move on to small kitchen appliances and things you use less frequently.

●        Living room. If you’re like most homeowners, the majority of your electronic devices live in the living room, and setting up those items generally requires considerable time. If they’re not absolutely necessary right after your move, leave the electronics for later in the unpacking process. If you’re planning to hire a professional moving company, the movers should take care of your large furniture pieces, so you shouldn’t need to worry about unpacking couches, chairs, entertainment consoles, etc.

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