Crating is a technique that can be used to help ensure the items you are moving are not damaged during a move. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with this technique. If you are preparing to move and have had a mover recommend crating to you, you may have many questions. Here are a few of the questions you may have, as well as the answers. 

What is Crating?

Crating is a technique that involves building a wooden box around items that are being transported. This technique is most frequently used for items that are too large for even large boxes, for items that are oddly-shaped and need a custom box created, or for items that are extremely fragile and need more protection than a standard cardboard box can provide. 

Why is Crating Beneficial?

Crating is beneficial because it allows a mover the ability to create a special container for your valuable, large or odd-sized items. This helps to protect your items against damage while they are being moved. Crates can be made from a variety of materials and/or padding can be added to increase the ability of the crate to provide protection to the item. 

When is Crating Needed?

Ultimately, it will be up to a moving company to determine when and if crating will be needed. They will examine the item that is being moved and determine what type of resources they have for moving the item. If a moving blanket or a box will protect the item in question, those items will likely be used. However, if the item if fragile, valuable and/or the moving company feels it needs more protection than a blanket or box can provide, a crate will likely be recommended. 

How is Crating Done? 

The majority of crates are made from wood, such as plywood. A moving company, or a sub-contractor who offers crating services, will build a wooden box, or crate, around the item that is being crated. They may use wooden dowels or boards to to prevent the item from shifting inside of the crate or to hold the item securely in place. 

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