Appliances are among the most fragile and cumbersome items to relocate. They are also quite dangerous if you do not have enough help moving the items. Moving the small appliances can create as many challenges as moving the larges.


Ace Midwest Movers offers moving services for homeowners in the Twin Cities metro area. Whether you are moving across the state or cross-country, we can help you with every aspect of your relocation.


Below is a short guide for moving small, medium, and large appliances. If you need additional tips or our full packing service, contact us today.


Moving Appliances Safely: Your Top Priority


Safety should be your #1 concern when moving appliances. Some of the common problems that most homeowners have to deal with may include:


●        Disconnecting and reconnecting appliances that do not have standard plugs

●        Moving heavy appliances such as refrigerators and stoves

●        Fitting large appliances into tight space either in the truck or their new home

●        Toting the large appliances on a hand truck or dolly


These issues constitute the need for local residential movers who have the skill and the equipment necessary to help you move. Save yourself the hassle of doing it yourself and hire an Ace Midwest Moving company to help you pack and load or unload your appliances.


Moving Small Appliances


Most of your small appliances include countertop items such as toasters, blenders, can openers or food processors.


Remember the following when moving small appliances:


●        Clean the appliances and remove the cord, if possible

●        Wrap each appliance in bubble wrap. Keep each cord with the appliance even if you detach it.

●         Place the appliances in boxes. If you pack multiple appliances together, make sure there is plenty of padding between them.

●        Label all appliance boxes accordingly. Try to keep your kitchen and bathroom appliances separate.


Moving Medium Appliances


Medium appliances may include mini-ovens, microwaves, ice boxes, or small grills. Though not as heavy as large appliances, you may want to enlist some help in packing and carrying the items. Remember the following when moving medium appliances:


●        Unplug all appliances at least 24 hours before you pack them. Some appliances still hold a charge after you unplug them.

●        Clean all appliances after they are unplugged. Make sure the microwave is clean.

●        Remove cords and empty all appliances. Keep all cords and accessories with the appliances.

●        Wrap the appliances in crushing paper or bubble wrap.

●        Pack the medium appliances in larger boxes and label them. Separate the kitchen items from all other items.


Moving Large Appliances


Larger appliances include the refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, and dishwasher. Although you may be able to tackle these items on your own, you are less likely to sustain an injury or damage the appliance by hiring a moving company to do it for you.


There is no reason to pack a large appliance. You may, however, want to protect it with moving blankets, pillows, or some cushioning. This will keep the appliance from sliding around, as well as protect the outside finish.


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