Moving from one place to another is always a juggling act. There are lots of items to remember. When you hire Ace Midwest Moving & Storage, our organized system can keep you on track for a more relaxed, headache-free move. When you call us to schedule an appointment, we can share all the services and products that we provide including our moving crew that is ready to help you anytime. Below are ten common moving mistakes that you should avoid if want moving day to go as planned.


1. Know Your Moving Company

When calling Ace Midwest & Storage, we invite you to ask lots of questions. You should get the specifics on all of our services, moving crew, trucks, equipment, pricing, and scheduling. You’ll appreciate our transparency and feel confident knowing that you are in good hands.


2. Wasting Money on Poor Planning

Before you start forking over the cash for a residential moving Minneapolis company, make sure that you have thoroughly thought through every phase of the move and how much it’s going to cost. Set aside a budget and begin saving now for expenditures you didn’t see coming.


3. Trying to Move Heavy Items Yourself

One of the most popular features of our company is our moving crew. We train each member of our team to lift boxes and respect lifting weights properly. If you try to move everything yourself, you may find that you are both frustrated, tired, and sore.


4. Not Taking the Proper Measurements

Failing to take the proper measurements can be fateful on moving day when the truck you rented isn’t big enough, and all the other vehicles are unavailable for the weekend. Solution: contact an Ace Midwest Moving Specialist to help you take measurements so that you do not have too much or too little space for your valuables.


5. Packing Unsafe Materials or Chemicals

Note: Some items are unlawful to transport in a moving truck or across state lines. If you are unsure if an object is safe or lawful, you can contact us today. Our local Minneapolis movers can tell you from experience what materials or liquids are safe and what you should avoid moving.


6. Unmarked Boxes

Unmarked boxes waste time and cause more work than is necessary. When you mark a box, be as detailed as possible. For instance, labeling child’s bedroom clothing is better than merely marking bedroom. Across the box. Leaving out the details will have you scrambling from room to room wondering where you put the forks, knives, and spoons.


7. Not Valuing Your Movers’ Time or Energy

Yes, this one’s a bit personal but important. If you hire our movers, we suggest having a plan in action and knowing you will best utilize them so that you do not waste anyone’s time, your money, or their energy. Even the strongest movers with lots of endurance will wear down eventually. Therefore, stay organized and have a strategy when we arrive.


Ace Midwest Moving & Storage is Minneapolis and St. Paul’s #1 Moving Company

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