Every year thousands of people move in and out of the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s hard to keep up. No matter how many people are moving around you, however, the only move that is important to you is your own upcoming relocation. Although you’ll be tempted to go it alone, we recommend hiring a professional crew to pack and move all your items to your new home. Whether you’re moving across town or the country, recruiting the right team from the right company will prove to be invaluable on every level. Here are some tips for hiring the right crew on moving day.


1. Get a Professional to Take Inventory

Does the company you plan to hire take inventory to determine the bulk and weight of your move? An estimator should be on hand in advance to go over all items that will make a difference in how much space you’ll need for moving or storage.


2. Ask for a Comprehensive Walk-Through

Our movers can walk through the house to determine your exact needs. We can also give you advice on packing strategies as well how to take care of your most valuable possessions. Reputable residential moving Minneapolis companies such as Ace Midwest should do a walkthrough to help make your move easier.


3. Don’t Pay a Large Deposit

Local Minneapolis movers will often charge you for a large deposit which you may or may not get back depending on the circumstances, but this is not so with Ace Midwest Moving. We invite you to ask us about our deposit policies and any other charges or fees you need to know. You will love our affordable rates!


4. Get References from Friends or Families

Who do you know that has used our moving service? From interstate residential moves to local moves, chances are you know someone who has used Ace Midwest Moving. If not, we’ll be happy to provide you with references from some of our previous clients. You can also find ratings and reviews of our company when you go online.


5. Avoid Inflated Prices for Moving Services or Products

Whether it’s a residential or commercial moving company, some businesses will charge obscene rates for every service and product they provide. Ace Midwest Moving understands how expensive moving can be. We, therefore, keep our prices competitive and will not overcharge you for using our equipment or buying our products. We also have specials from time to time. Be sure to ask about them!


6. Report Any Problems You May Have

Even the best moving companies in the country experience problems from time to time. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and products anywhere in the moving industry. So if you experience any problems with our movers, our trucks, or our equipment, please let us know. We are here to help you every step of the way when things go wrong.


Next Time Choose Ace Midwest Movers. You’ll be Glad You Did

If you are getting ready to move into or out of the Minneapolis or St. Paul, Minnesota area, contact Ace Midwest Movers today. We provide a wide range of moving services including interstate and local moving, military moves, crating and storage. We are also an apartment moving company here in the area. To schedule a move, call us at 763-755-2045, or you can message us at info@acemw.com.