No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to your moving day, doing everything in your power to avoid mistakes is in your best interest. Unfortunately, relocation-related mistakes can cost you time, take a toll on you emotionally, or make your move more difficult and stressful than it really should be.

If you are planning a move in the near future, here are 7 common mistakes people tend to make on moving day and how you can avoid them.


The number one mistake people make when it comes to their move is procrastinating. Moves need to be planned out ahead of time. You need to book a mover or a moving truck well ahead of your moving day. You also need to start packing at least a week before the date you plan to relocate, too.

Don’t want to fall into the procrastination trap? Check out our handy eight-week moving timeline for a week-by-week planning and preparation checklist that’ll help keep you on track!

Packing Everything (Even the Stuff You Don’t Use)

It makes no sense at all to pack and transport items that you rarely or never use. If you don’t use them at the house you’re currently living in, chances are you won’t use them at your new house either. And if you pack them, you’ll only create more work for yourself or put more weight in your shipment, which will drive up the cost of your move if you’re hiring a moving company.

That’s why doing some serious pre-move decluttering is so important. You should start decluttering and selling, donating, or tossing items that you don't use at least a month before your moving day. Doing this will help save you time and tons of hassle when the big day comes.

Not Disassembling Large Items

Do you plan to move any large furniture, playground items for the kids, or anything else that’s big, awkwardly shaped, and heavy? If so, don't make the mistake of leaving those items fully intact before you move. Disassemble them instead.

Any bulky, heavy, oddly shaped items will not only be tough to transport into and out of the moving truck but it’ll also take up a huge amount of space, which isn’t necessary. Even partially disassembling these types of items will make your move easier and more efficient.

Not Having Enough Supplies

Another common mistake people make is not having enough supplies on hand. To help ensure the packing process goes as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to make you have enough:

  • Moving boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape 
  • Markers
  • Packing paper

You’ll also want to make you have the right moving equipment to make the packing, loading, and unloading process as efficient as possible. Make sure you rent or buy a moving dolly and an appliance dolly if you’re moving any large and heavy. You may even need some straps to keep items in place inside the moving truck or in your personal vehicle.

Pick up some moving blankets, too, which you’ll use to wrap around large items that can suffer scratches or damage. The last thing you need is to stop moving and drive around town looking for more supplies.

Not Being Physically Ready

Moving takes a huge toll on your body. The night before your moving day, be sure to get plenty of sleep. And the day of your move, drink plenty of water and stop to eat and take regular breaks. Being sick or tired is not going to make the process any easier on you.

Check our top 16 moving safety tips for more information on how to protect yourself from injuries during your relocation.

Failing to Find a Safe Place for Pets and Kids

Do you have small children or pets that are allowed to roam the house? If so, both your kids and your animals can get in the way on your moving day and can very easily get hurt in all the commotion. That’s why it’s so important that you arrange somewhere for them to stay, whether that’s a single empty room in the house or at a friend or family member’s home.

Alternatively, you can put your kids and pets in daycare for the day if you don’t know anyone who has free time to watch them. Doing this will not only minimize or eliminate their risk for move-day injuries but can also help reduce their anxiety about the relocation.

Forgetting to Pack an Essentials Bag

Don’t make the mistake of packing everything you own into boxes and loading it all in the back of the moving truck! You’ll still need several things that you normally use daily on the first night you sleep in your new home, and that’s why having an essentials bag is essential.

What should this bag include? Anything you think you might need on the first night in your new house or while lots of your things are still in boxes. Here’s what we recommended packing:

  • PJs and a change of daytime clothing
  • Toiletries, medications, and supplements
  • Sheets, a shower curtain, and a couple of bath towels
  • Cleaning supplies
  • A small tool kit and a flashlight
  • Chargers for any electronics you’ll be leaving unpacked (maybe a speaker, too?)
  • Disposable dishware and cutlery

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