Finding the perfect time to relocate your home or business in Minneapolis can be a juggling act. The key is to create an efficient process by reducing the number of hurdles along the way. Also noteworthy, is hiring the right residential moving Minneapolis company to help you with packing, loading, and provisional supplies. Something else to consider is which day and time are the best for pulling out.


Best Time of the Year for Moving

Every season presents its challenges. So if you can choose when to move during the entire year, here are some things to think about:


●        The best weather in East Central Minnesota is usually during the spring and the fall. If possible, avoid moving during the winter.

●        Ace Midwest Moving goes through busy seasons unique to our company. Call us to find out when rentals are likely available.

●        Do you have children? You may want to consider the school schedule.

●        If you’re renting, then check out the lease and rental agreement schedules.

●        The most expensive travel rates are during the summertime.


Best Time of the Month for Moving

The busiest time of the month for moving families is the beginning and the end of the month. This period is when jobs change, employees relocate or when military moves happen. It’s also when most leases or rental agreements begin or end. Therefore, you’ll see a lot of Ace Midwest Moving vans on the road. If possible, try to schedule a move during the second or third week of the month. You’ll have more available options and less traffic.


Best Time of the Week for Moving

90% of all relocations happen on the weekends. Starting new jobs usually, happen on Mondays. Therefore, families will head out on Friday and get to their new home by Saturday or Sunday. We recommend scheduling one of our trucks on a Monday or Tuesday. You’re more likely to get the truck that will work with your items, and you the roads will be a little clearer. You can be on the way while everyone else is at work or school.


Best Time of Day for Moving

If you pick the right time of year, month, and day to move, then what time of the day you move isn’t a significant issue. You can move during the day, but there will be more traffic. You can make the trip at night, but you’ll be contending with drowsiness and limited vision. If you hire our moving crew to help you, then try scheduling them in the morning. They'll have more time throughout the day to get everything packed and in the truck. Remember, if you need crating and storage, we can help you schedule that as well.


Ace Midwest Moving: We’re Here Any Time of the Year

No matter when you decide to move, you can count on Ace Midwest Moving to help you every step of the way. Our services include interstate, residential moves, military moves, local moves, and commercial moves. We are your preferred local Minneapolis movers. To schedule a truck or crew, call us at 415-725-0235. We’re when you need us!