While most families in East Central Minnesota are ‘packing it in’ during the winter and preparing for the holidays, you’re busy calling local Minneapolis movers and trying to make the new transition in your life. Whether you’re moving across town, preparing for an interstate residential move, staying organized during Thanksgiving and Christmas is crucial for a smooth relocation.


Thankfully, moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be a downright stressful experience. Ace Midwest Moving is here to provide you with a variety of resources, equipment, transports and local Minneapolis movers that are ready to get you on the road. Here are some of our tips on moving during the holidays.


The Right Time

If possible try to move between Thanksgiving and Christmas or Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This timeframe will give you and your family the opportunity to at least spend some time celebrating the season. Moving during these holidays will present unforeseen challenges such as reserving trucks, finding places that open along the way, and, of course, traffic. Call Ace Midwest Moving to find out our holiday availability and how we can help you.


Budget Your Move

As we just stated, you may incur higher expenses when moving. There’s another factor you should consider: holiday expenses. If you decide to try to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s while moving, then you’re going to have to account for the money you’ll spend. Our advice: plan and keep a budget. Both holidays and moving bring unexpected costs that you didn’t see coming. Try to keep a cushion in your budget to prepare for the financial surprises. We can give you some pointers on how to save money by using our moving service.



As you're packing all of your items, you may want to set holiday items aside. Pack everything but your special dinnerware, Christmas ornaments, Christmas tree, and other things you usually need this time of year. Putting up the Christmas tree or cooking a turkey dinner may give you some sense of normalcy during what is often a hectic time with the family.


If you have to pack your holiday treasures, then make sure they're the last items on the truck. You can unpack them first and set them up as you’re getting settled in your new home. Ace Midwest movers are experts at helping you pack your items. We can load them on the truck for you so that when you arrive at your destination, the holiday stuff will be easy to identify and pull out first.



Moving in Minnesota is always a gamble due to the weather conditions. Make sure you keep an eye on the extended weather radar in case a blizzard or ice storm is on the way. Give your schedule a little flexibility so that you can leave before the snow hits if necessary. You’ll need to make sure you've packed a few days before the move. Also, call us to find out about our flexible scheduling for emergencies. We will help you out as much as possible.


Ace Midwest Moving: Your Holiday Movers

If you find that you have to relocate yourself and your family during the holiday season, then contact Ace Midwest Moving at 763-755-2045. We offer a wide selection of moving services and supplies as well as manpower to help you get the truck loaded. We are a residential and commercial moving company in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area.