Companies have undergone significant changes over the last few years, and relocation is becoming a common experience, with specific trends happening as a result. If you're one of the many choosing to relocate, you want the experience to be as streamlined as possible for both your business operations and your staff. 

While the process is never easy, the Ace Moving & Warehouse team has a list of additional services to take the guesswork out of the transition.

Custom Moving Plans

Depending on your company's size, a full move can take months or even years. If you haven't done it already, create a plan that supports your employees and your business needs. Include notifications for vendors and customers, protect any equipment, and break down the move into manageable steps so everyone involved stays notified of the process and can account for their part of it.

Full-Packing Services

Corporate and employee relocation can involve countless components and items. Full packing services are customized based on each situation, and the movers will keep a full inventory of all items to keep them safe and remove some of the stress for everyone involved.

Climate Controlled Storage

Not every relocation is straightforward, and there may be a lapse in the availability of moving into the new location for the business or employees. Climate-controlled storage facilities ensure that you're getting a pest-free environment, all items stay protected, and they provide a temporary holding space until the new environment is ready for the items.

Decluttering Strategies

If your business has been in the area for a long time, chances are you or your employees have accumulated items that may no longer be necessary at work or home. For example, if you're dealing with a large number of cables or excess documents that could be made paperless, implement strategies to organize them before the move. 

Decluttering can simplify the process and save time and money during the move. Encourage looking at what the company and employees actually need and create an organizational strategy based on the priority of items.

If there's far too much to get organized, consider hiring a professional specializing in decluttering to streamline the process and save you some hassle.

Make Your Corporate Move a Breeze with Ace Moving & Warehouse

Implementing a corporate relocation is a huge project so expect there to be hiccups and just do your best to account for issues that can arise. 

Working with an expert like Ace Moving & Warehouse means you're getting specialists in residential and corporate relocation moving services, or if you just need help getting organized, our professional moving team can help with that too! 

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