If you are planning to store your home possessions in a storage unit, then we recommend trying one of our climate controlled storage facilities. Although you may be tempted to go with a traditional storage unit, you’ll find that there are numerous advantages to climate controlled storage. We discuss the features and benefits of our controlled storage facilities below.


●        Replacement Costs. A standard storage unit with a door that goes to the outside can damage your items. This can cost you far more money than the cost the properly store the items in a climate controlled setting.

●        Personal Comfort. When you visit your unit to add or remove items, you can do so outside of the scorching heat or frigid temperatures outside. The units are always set to moderate room temperatures that are neither too hot or too cold.

●        Pest-Free Environments. Outside climates and temperatures attract outside bugs and other small animals. Our units are secure and free of all pest and insects. You never have to worry about walking into a spider’s web or a nest of hornets.

●        Valuable Items Protected. Climate controlled units on the inside of our facilities do more than protecting your personal belongings from the outside elements. They provide full protection from theft or vandalism.

●        Wood Furniture. One of the most vulnerable items in your stored collection is your wood furniture or keepsakes. Freezing and thawing and cause wood to expand and contract. This results in warps, weak areas, splits, and cracks.

●        Added Privacy. If you don’t like being vulnerable when driving up to your outside unit, inside units offer you more privacy when loading or unloading your possessions.

●        Attendants On Site. Our climate controlled units are monitored by an on-site attendant. If you ever have any problems or have a question you need answered, the attendant can help you. With the help of an expert, you can find the right storage unit for your personals.

●        No More Yellowing. Extreme temperatures and humidity can cause certain materials and fabrics to yellow. Some examples would include leather, furniture fabric, or your clothes. Our units shield your fabric items from these outside elements.

●        Flooding Protection. When flooding occurs outside from extended rainfall or melting snow, you never have to worry about your stored items. Our units are guaranteed to be flood-free.

●        Well Maintained Units. Units inside our facilities are much cleaner than units that face the outside. There is far less dust and dirt than can be tracked into the storage area.


Try Ace Midwest Moving for Your Climate Controlled Storage

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