A corporate relocation can be a very disruptive experience. But it doesn't have to be. With the appropriate organization, you should be able to move your business with minimal disruption -- you just need to plan ahead.

Notify Your Customers and Vendors Well in Advance

Your customers and vendors should be notified when your business move is going to take place and where they should contact you in the future. By notifying your customers and vendors in advance, you can reduce the likelihood that they are going to need your attention during that time. It will also ease the transition once it is complete, as they'll know where they can get ahold of you.

Set Your Move In Stages

Draw out a roadmap for your move ranging from the equipment that needs to be moved to the furniture and other essentials. Your move should be focused on getting your critical items moved over and active first -- after that, you can move peripheral items such as cubicle spacers, decorations, and non-essential equipment. By moving your core items first, you can simplify your move and reduce the chances of delays.

Always Have a Plan B

During an extensive move, you should have a secondary plan regarding what will happen if there is an incident -- such as if furnishings do not arrive on time or if something occurs while setting up your networking equipment. Contingency plans will help guide your direction later on... even if the "contingency" plan is being able to send out a mass mail quickly to your customers and vendors regarding the delays.

Protect Your Equipment First

A professional moving company should always be engaged when moving delicate equipment, such as computers and servers. These devices can be damaged not only through physical means, but also through other issues such as water or magnets. A professional moving company will be able to pack your equipment safely and transport it safely, so that you don't run the risk of finding out that your equipment no longer works at an inopportune time.

One way to ease the transition between business locations is to utilize a professional moving service. These services will have checklists and strategies that you can follow, so that you can reduce the risk to your business of disruption. You may also want to acquire moving insurance to cover the costs of a disruption if it does occur. If you have any questions, contact the experts at Ace Midwest Moving.