It’s no secret moving can be tough, both physically and mentally. But having the right moving tools at your disposal can make the process considerably easier and less stressful.

Whether you’re preparing to move to the other side of town or to an overseas country, here are nine essential moving accessories to help simplify your relocation process. Keep in mind this is by no means an exhaustive list — if you need help, our expert team at Ace Moving & Warehousing is just a phone call away!

1. Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap for moving is just a giant roll of cling wrap, but it can really come in handy during your packing process. You can use this type of wrap to secure awkwardly shaped parts and pieces that may move around during transport or as you load and unload.

All you’ll need to do is wrap the clear plastic around an item a few times, and since it clings to itself, it’ll keep the wrapped item(s) contained and secure. 

2. Grippy Gloves

Chances are your hands will get a bit sweaty while you’re packing and loading things onto the moving truck. Donning a pair of grippy work gloves can help you hang on to heavy, potentially slippery items, so you don’t accidentally drop those things as you move.

You’ll likely also want to wear those gloves while you unload the moving truck (if you’re not hiring professional movers for that job), as your hands will probably get a bit clammy during that process, too.

3. Handtruck (Both a Standard and Appliance-Specific Version)

Handtrucks, also known as hand trolleys, can be incredibly useful during any move, whether it’s local or long distance. These tools feature a pair of large wheels attached to a short platform that sits flush with the ground, as well as a long, vertical handle that’s used to tilt the whole thing backward to leverage heavy items.

When you move, you’ll want to either rent or buy a standard hand truck, which you can use for stacking and transporting multiple moving boxes at a time. If you’re moving appliances, you’ll also want to rent or purchase an appliance hand truck, which features a sturdy strap for securing heavy, bulky items to its frame.

Planning to take your stove, washing machine, dryer, refrigerator, or other big appliances with you? Then you’ll definitely want to check out our top tips for successfully moving appliances.

4. Dolly

Lots of folks confuse dollies with hand trucks, but they’re not actually the same thing. A dolly has a flat, platform surface that sits on four wheels and is meant to accommodate larger, heavy items that need to be rolled across a flat surface.

This tool can be a highly useful addition to your relocation tool arsenal, as it’ll make rolling things out of and into a building much easier. If you hire a moving company to load up or unload your things, this is one tool they’ll definitely rely on to get the job done.

5. Furniture Sliders

Need to move a couch? What about large appliances? If that’s true for you, you’ll want to pick up some furniture sliders to make the process of getting them out of one house and into another much easier.

Simply place the sliders beneath the corners of your large, bulky items, and they’ll allow you to slide those things across the floor, so you won’t have to lift them and risk injuring yourself or damaging your things.

6. Moving Blankets

If you want to protect your furniture, appliances, or other large items that may be prone to scratches or other forms of damage, you need moving blankets. Simply wrap these blankets around your vulnerable items before you load them on the truck, and they’ll protect those items from rubbing up against other things that could mar their surfaces.

7. Stud Finder

If you need to mount a TV, hang mirrors, or position particularly heavy art pieces on your wall, a stud finder is a must. When you have this super-handy tool, all you’ll need to do is run it along a wall, and it’ll locate all of the studs for you.

Using a stud finder is about a million times easier than tapping on your drywall and listening for a hollow echo when you need to find a sturdy piece of in-wall wood that can bear considerable weight.

8. Laser Level

This tool is an excellent addition to any collection of moving supplies as it’ll help you tremendously when you need to re-hand photos and art in your new home. It’s also useful for other tasks that require even alignment, as it’ll project a straight, level line wherever you need it to, making the leveling process much quicker and simpler.

9. Tape Measure

Whether you need to measure a room’s dimensions or measure furniture to make sure it’ll fit, a quality tape measure is an absolute must. Make sure you get one that extends at least 12 feet and is durable enough to withstand tons of use.

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