Moving a business is no small endeavor, and it’s certainly not simple or easy, which is why trying to DIY a commercial relocation probably isn’t in your best interest. Although hiring commercial moving services might seem like an unnecessary hassle or expense, that’s simply not true. Commercial movers can make your office or other business relocation simple, safe, and easy, and they’ll get the job done in a fraction of the time it’d take you and your staff to complete the process.

Why exactly should you consider hiring commercial moving services for your upcoming business relocation? Read on to find out.

1. Save Time & Money

You’re in business to make a profit, right? Well, time is money and if you choose to move your business on your own, you’ll need to sacrifice a good amount of both to get the job done. Since you and your staff aren’t trained and efficient moving professionals, it’ll take you far longer to pack and transport everything than it would take a commercial moving team. That’ll cause a considerable business disruption, which will likely cause you to lose out on revenue.

When you hire commercial moving services, on the other hand, your move will require far less downtime for your business, which almost always translates into cost savings, too. Think about it in terms of opportunity cost — you might have to pay upfront for moving services, but how much more revenue could you bring in if your move takes less time to complete?

2. Valuation Coverage for Your Move

When you hire a commercial moving company, basic liability coverage is automatically included in your moving package. But that level of coverage — known as released value protection — probably won’t be adequate for your pricey business equipment.

That’s why moving companies offer higher-level valuation coverage called full value protection (FVP). This type of coverage provides reimbursement for item damage or loss based on the market value of each article. While commercial movers will take great care not to damage your equipment during the relocation, there’s always a risk that something unintended will occur.

When you work with commercial movers, moving insurance can give you peace of mind. When you opt for a DIY move, the peace of mind is all on you.

3. Commercial Moving Services Include On-Site Planning

Not quite sure how to go about moving your business? You can’t approach the process haphazardly or that’ll only increase the time it takes you to move and cost you more in lost revenue.

When you hire commercial moving services to conduct your relocation, they provide on-site move planning to ensure your relocation is as efficient as possible. It’s fully customized to your business's unique needs, which will help minimize the likelihood of dealing with relocation complications. 

4. Commercial Movers Safely Pack & Transport Your Equipment

Your business equipment is expensive and fragile. Unless you’ve been trained in proper packing techniques for commercial equipment, you’ll run a very real risk of damaging that equipment if you choose to DIY the process.

Would it give you peace of mind knowing your pricey electronics and other equipment is properly packed and protected? Then you need to seriously consider hiring an experienced commercial moving team. 

5. Work Station and Fixture Reconfiguration

When you hire commercial movers to pack up your business, the service also includes reconfiguration at your new location. If you have cubicles or another type of workstation, your movers will reconfigure and reassemble everything so you and your staff can hit the ground running.

6. Access to Short- and Long-Term Storage Solutions

If you’re downsizing or transitioning to a hybrid work model but aren’t quite yet ready to get rid of your additional equipment, commercial movers can transfer some of that stuff to storage. Whether you only need to keep it in storage for a few weeks or months or plan to keep it there for an undetermined period, you’ll have access to flexible storage solutions that meet your needs.

7. Minimize the Risk of Move-Related Injuries

You might run an office full of the fittest employees you’ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean they know how to transport bulky, heavy, and awkwardly shaped equipment safely. Injury risk alone is an excellent reason to avoid a DIY business relocation and hire commercial moving services instead. Unless, of course, you’re okay with running the risk of one or more staff members filing for workman’s compensation.

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