Woohoo! It’s moving day! You’re all packed up, ready to go, and excited about finally moving into your new home. But now, it’s time to tackle the most taxing part of all: getting all of your belongings (and yourself) to your new location in one piece.


If you’re working with professional movers and packers, your move day will inevitably be far less stressful than it’d be without a team of pros to help you. But if you’re tackling the job on your own, the day of your relocation may just prove to be the most stressful day of the entire move process. That is, unless you plan it out and get prepared beforehand.


Curious about what you need to do to navigate your move day with ease? The pros at Ace Moving & Warehousing share simple yet effective tips for a low-stress moving day below.


Wake Up Early

The night before your move, set your alarm so you wake up on time. Don’t hit snooze! Getting up early is the best way to get a jumpstart on the day, and though moving day will be long, the earlier you get up, the less likely you are to feel rushed and stressed throughout the day.


If you’re tackling the loading process by yourself, the morning hours are generally cooler than the rest of the day, so take care of any heavy lifting as early as you can. This will help prevent premature heat-related fatigue, especially during the summer months. Move on to the lighter stuff as it gets progressively warmer outside.


Wear Appropriate Attire

Whether you’re doing a DIY move or you’re working with professional movers and packers, you’ll want to be as comfortable and safe as possible on moving day. Avoid wearing loose clothing that can easily catch on things, and of course, wear sensible shoes. If you’re going to be hoisting heavy items on your own, consider using a back brace or knee braces to help prevent strain, especially if you have pre-existing injuries.


It’s also a good idea to check your move-day weather forecast the night before your relocation. If you’re moving on a hot summer day, plan to wear light-colored clothing that will help reflect heat rather than absorb it.


Pack a Cooler With Drinks and Snacks

Have you thought about how you’ll feed and hydrate yourself on move day? If all of your food and beverages get packed and loaded into the truck, you’ll have to make a food run for lunch, which can waste valuable time. That’s where packing a move-day cooler can be incredibly helpful.


What should you put in your cooler? It’s a good idea to lean toward calorie-dense snacks and avoid anything that requires dishes or cleanup. You should also include electrolyte beverages and plenty of water, and if you’re working with professional movers, don’t forget to pack snacks and beverages for them too!


If there’s a lot of heavy lifting involved in your move, even the pros can fatigue pretty quickly. They’ll no doubt appreciate a kind gesture of a few bottles of water and snacks to help keep them on top of their game.


Take Care of Your Final To-Do List

As you pack for your move, you’ll inevitably run across a few things you won’t want to pack until move day. Usually, these are items like medications, certain toiletries, and perishables. Before move day arrives, make a list of the stragglers you need to pack up, just so you don’t inadvertently forget anything. For most households, this list includes:


●        Cleaning out the freezer and refrigerator

●        Gathering any cleaning products you’ll use for touch-up cleaning

●        Emptying the trash and recycling bins

●        Packing electronics and chargers that you use daily

●        Cleaning out medicine cabinets and packing medications


Drop Off Children and Pets With a Designated Caregiver

If you have young children or pets of any age, it’s best to pre-arrange a place for them to stay so you can tackle moving day without tiny feet getting in the way. If you’re working with professional movers and packers, having small humans and animals running around complicates the process for them, too.


Ideally, you should find a caregiver at least two weeks in advance of your moving day and double-check availability a few days before the move. It’s typically best to drop off kids and pets as early as possible during the morning of your move, so you can get a move on with your to-do list.


Make Sure You Have Your Essentials Bag

As you near the end of your packing process — or before your movers and packers come in and tackle the job for you — don’t forget to pack an essentials bag for your first night in your new home! The last thing you need after an all-day move is to find out you don’t have your toothbrush, soap, or pajamas when you’re dying to shower and get ready for bed.


An essentials bag should contain whatever you’d normally pack for a vacation, plus a few more useful items. Things to consider packing include:


●        Pajamas and a change of clothes

●        Sheets and pillows

●        Shower curtain

●        Medications (both prescription and OTC)

●        Electronics you use daily

●        Toilet paper and bath towels


While you pack this bag, think about everything you might need to use on the first night in your new home. If you don’t want to open 20 boxes to try and find something you think you’ll need, put it in the bag.


Load Valuables and Non-Allowables in Your Vehicle

If you’re moving alone, keep your valuables with you at all times. Do not pack them in the moving truck since they’re more prone to breakage and temperature-related damage in there. As well, keep all potentially hazardous or flammable items in your own vehicle as there’s no way to regulate the temperature in the back of the moving truck.


If you’re working with professional movers and packers, the same rule applies: Keep your valuables and hazardous items in your personal vehicle. Professional movers cannot move hazardous items (check out the full list of non-allowables) and most of them prefer not to move valuables for liability reasons.


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