Summer is perhaps the most popular time of year to move in the Twin Cities, which means moving companies are in high demand. In fact, approximately 70% of all relocation occurs between Memorial Day and Labor Day, which means you may have to fight for a spot on the moving company’s calendar. Not only that, but there’s always the potential for intense outdoor heat or severe storms that can really put a snag in the moving process. Below, our team at Ace Moving & Warehousing has a few helpful tips you’ll want to heed if you’re planning a summer relocation.


Start Planning Early

Because summer is such a popular time to move, you’ll want to start planning your move at least a couple of months in advance. Not only will early planning help ensure you snag your ideal spot on the moving company’s schedule, but it will also help reduce or eliminate last-minute complications and move-day stress. It’s a good idea to plan for an early morning move since the sun’s rays are less intense early in the day. Try to avoid scheduling your move between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. because that’s when outdoor temperatures tend to spike.


Wear the Appropriate Attire

If the weather forecast says your move day is going to be a scorcher, plan your attire appropriately. Wear loose-fitting, breathable, lightweight clothing that’s designed to help moisture evaporate quickly off your skin. Cotton and linen are great materials for a hot move day, while you’ll want to avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and rayon.


It’s also a good idea to stick with light-colored clothing since it naturally absorbs less sunlight. Because dark-colored fabrics absorb more of the sun’s rays, they hold heat against your skin and can cause overheating during strenuous physical activity.


Don’t Forget to Turn on the Utilities!

Plan to turn on the utilities in your new home before your scheduled move day. That way, you crank up the air conditioning to keep yourself and your movers from sweating to death while you unload the truck and organize your belongings. Heat can also trigger intense lethargy, especially if you’re performing heavy physical activity all day. Ensuring your new home is cool and comfortable when you arrive will help keep you alert and focused on the task at hand.


Protect Your Belongings from Heat Damage

Many of your household items may not fare well in intense heat, so you’ll need to plan your packing accordingly. Because your belongings may sit inside the moving truck for several hours on your move day, arrange an alternate mode of transportation for the following heat-sensitive items:


●        Electronic devices

●        Antiques or precious valuables

●        Artwork (paint can sometimes melt in super hot conditions)

●        Musical instruments

●        Toiletries and makeup

●        DVDs, records, CDs, and cassette tapes


If you can fit the above-listed items in your personal vehicle, that’s usually your best bet. Since you have full control over the temperature inside your car or truck, heat-sensitive items are less likely to incur damage there. Plus, you can immediately bring those items indoors when you arrive at your new home. 


Pack a Cooler

Even if it’s not going to be super hot outside on the day of your move, it’s always a good idea to pack a cooler with cold drinks and quick snacks for your move day. Pack a full day’s supply of bottled water so you can stay well hydrated throughout the day and help keep your professional movers and packers hydrated, too. Drinking plenty of water is especially important when outdoor temperatures are dangerously high since lack of adequate hydration can result in heat exhaustion.


Consider Using Portable Fans

Even if you turn on the utilities in your new home before you arrive, you’ll allow plenty of cool air to escape as you transfer your belongings from the moving truck into your home. To help boost airflow and keep yourself and your movers comfortable, consider situating portable fans throughout your new house. 


Heat Exhaustion: Know the Signs

Last, but definitely not least, if it’s going to be hot outside on the day of your move, you need to educate yourself on the symptoms of heat exhaustion. Having the ability to readily recognize this potentially dangerous health condition allows you to respond promptly and appropriately if the need arises. Without prompt attention, heat exhaustion can progress to full-blown heatstroke, so keep an eye out for the following signs:


●        Headaches

●        Dizziness

●        Weakness

●        Muscle cramps

●        General confusion

●        Elevated body temperature


If anyone in your party exhibits the above-listed symptoms, get that person out of the heat promptly and into a cool, comfortable environment. Have the person lie down and drink plenty of cool water, and if symptoms do not improve, seek medical attention to avoid heat stroke.


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