Here at Ace Midwest Moving, we specialize in getting you cleaned up, packed away and moved out quickly. Every move is different, however, and every trip is deserving of extra attention. Our team can get you buckled down quickly, but you should still take care of the checklist below. If you do, you’ll ensure a tension-free move. Double-check these tasks, and make sure you’re prepped for move-out day.

Task One: Handle the Connections

Make sure you have your cable, internet, and phone handled. Remove the connections, make sure your bills are squared away and cut the digital cords before your moving team arrives. Trust us: Handling a cable provider’s service turn-off days is a drag when you’re packing.

Task Two: Organize the Glass

Among your belongings, glass deserves the most attention. When coordinating your packing days, make sure you’re storing the glass safely and effectively. If you do, you’ll ensure a painless move. Midwest Moving can make sure your glass is protected in transit, but you should still handle the packages before the team shows up.

Task Three: Repaint the Walls

If you’re moving out of a rental, you should repaint the walls. Walls sustain a surprising amount of damages. Sometimes, it’s too easy to forget to paint them. A lot of rental agencies have policies for wall repainting and repair, so make sure you’re up to date on your contractual obligations.

Task Four: Clean

Once you’ve handled the walls, you should clean the entire area. During the lifting, hauling and closing process, it’s easy to forget about cleaning. Give the kitchen, bathroom and laundry rooms extra attention, and address any particularly dirty areas before packing up.

Task Five: Organize the Boxes

Once you’ve boxed up your belongings, make sure they’re stacked for easy retrieval. Once your moving team arrives, it’ll quickly transport your belongings. That said, a little organization goes a long way. Put heavy boxes down first, and make sure each is accessible from the front door. If you have any last-minute belongings to be packed, don’t put them in already-packaged boxes. You’re better off using a new box.

Once your moving team arrives, you’ll be given custom moving treatment. Label your boxes, and make sure your technicians know which boxes are fragile. Take your time, take charge and make sure your move-out is as painless as possible. To book your Ace Midwest Moving team give us a call at 762-755-2045 or visit us online to learn more!