Keeping your storage unit organized and accessible is key in utilizing all available space for easy access. Pre-planning efforts can go a long way in keeping your belongings safe from damage and conditioned for long-term storage. Ace Midwest Moving in Minneapolis, Minnesota offers climate-controlled storage where your valuables can be carefully and safely stored for any length of time. We also have portable storage units that are unloaded right off the truck! Knowing what items you will need to access more often is important for developing a plan for your storage unit organization. In this article, we explore expert tips for a properly organized storage unit.

Preparing Large Items for Storage

Store appliances in the back of the unit, and properly clean all items to prevent rodents and pests. Defrost any refrigerators and freezers to eliminate mildew and moisture damage. Also, store furniture toward the back of the unit and disassemble it as much as possible. Maximize space by vertically storing your furniture such as couches and other longer items. Consider treating wood items with a protecting polish while wrapping legs with bubble wrap to prevent scuffing.

Size Matters With Boxes and Bins

Boxes and bins specifically designed for storage will be more sturdy and stack easier. Ensure you tape up all boxes and label them with contents. When packing boxes, you should take care to distribute weight evenly for moving around easily and reducing extra heavy containers. When packing books, use smaller boxes as they tend to be heavier than other items. Make sure you wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or towels to prevent breakage.

Organize By Utility and Accessibility

Keep important things front and center so when you frequent the unit to get something, you don’t have a large moving project on your hands. If you have shelving available, use them for small items you would like to keep handy. Our team of movers can help you organize your boxes with aisles so you can access boxes without having to move other items out of the way.

Choose The Right Storage Unit

An important decision is choosing the right storage facility. We provide climate controlled warehouses to protect your belongings in a safe and secure building. Choose a company that utilizes inventory inspection and verification services with regularly monitored security systems. A unit with appropriate external measures such as gated access roads, pin codes, and security cameras offer an additional level of safety for your property.

Professional Storage and Moving in Minneapolis

Ace Midwest Moving is the one-stop, premier residential and commercial moving company servicing the Minneapolis and Rochester, Minnesota areas. We offer storage-in-transit or long-term storage in facilities that are regularly inspected. Our portable storage units offer second-to-none convenience and accessibility. Keep your goods safe with our climate-controlled secure storage units. Call us today for a free quote at 763-755-2045, or you can message us at