If you are planning to store some of your household items in a storage unit, Ace Midwest Moving offers climate-controlled storage. There are several benefits to storing your valuable in a climate controlled storage unit.

Below, we outline all the features and benefits of climate controlled storage. To find out more about our storage units or to schedule a reservation, please call us at 763-755-2045.

1. Your Valuable will be Safe

The purpose of a storage unit is to keep your household items safe until you reclaim them. If you place your valuables in an outside unit, they will be exposed to extreme temperatures, high humidity, and possibly rain. An outside unit cannot guarantee that your item will not incur any damage.

2. Weather-Free Access

Our climate-controlled storage units are located inside a large facility. Therefore, when add or take away any items, you can do so without worrying about rain, snow, heat, or cold. You can walk into a comfortable facility and spend as much time as you need.

3. No Pests

Pests invade outside storage units because the door does not form a full seal around the unit frame. Ants, roaches, spiders, and other tiny animals can borough and make their home in your moving boxes and other items. You may not know what is in your stuff until you start pulling it out of the unit. Climate controlled units are bug-proof and offer protection from all pests.

4. Anti-Theft Security

No matter how well an outside unit is locked, a skilled thief can still get it. Since climate-controlled units are located inside a facility, thieves cannot break in and steal your valuables. You have reinforced protection, as well as alarm systems that monitor all activity within the building. 

5. Furniture-Friendly

Wood furniture and other delicate decor are often the first times to be damage in an outside unit.  The combination of humidity, heat, pests, and other factors can weaken wood and cause it to crack or warp. Climate controlled storage offers a safer alternative that keeps your most precious furniture and decor from getting damaged.

6. On-Site Attendant

Climate controlled facilities often hire an attendant as an added measure of security. An attendant can monitor the facility, ensure that the right person has access to the units, and can help customers who are moving into town with a wide range of issues or questions.

7. Flood Protection

Outside storage units are incapable of protecting your household items from an impending flood. Storage units are meant to house your items and keep them safe from burglary. They are not designed to keep out water. When your storage unit is inside a facility, however, the building offers greater protection from floodwater. You may also have the option of storing your valuables in an elevated unit.

Climate Controlled Storage in Minneapolis

Ace Midwest Moving is dedicated to providing clean, secure storage units for home and business owners in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our climate-controlled storage units give you peace of mind and confidence that your possessions will remain safe while in storage.

To reserve your moving date or climate controlled storage unit, call us at 763-755-2045. You can also message us at info@acemw.com.