If you’re planning to hire a moving company, you’re probably already under the assumption it’s going to cost you a decent chunk of change. And more than likely, you’re right. But moving rates can vary considerably, and several different factors can influence the overall cost of hiring a mover.

If you’re curious about what you can expect in terms of expenses, our team at Ace Moving & Warehousing is here to offer some insight. Below, we’ve outlined what typically impacts a moving company’s service fees, so you understand what may increase or decrease your overall costs.

Travel Distance

The total distance of your move will play a big role in determining its overall cost. The price of a local move (which usually refers to any move within the same state) is usually calculated on a flat, hourly rate basis, but some companies do flat-fee local moves, too.

Interstate and international moves, on the other hand, are usually based on the total weight of the shipment (your items inside the moving truck). However, each state has its own rules surrounding moving fee calculations, so these fee structures will likely vary.

Base Moving Fee

When you hire a moving company, you’ll likely need to pay a base fee, which is a one-time, flat-rate charge. This charge typically goes toward the cost of organizing the truck and any other resources required for your relocation.

Number of Moving Professionals Required

The more movers required to get the job done, the more money you’ll pay for their service. Cost per mover can vary from company to company, and typically, moving services with more experience will charge more.

Hourly Pay Rate

Each mover you need gets paid by the hour, and that hourly rate can fluctuate. Time of day, the season during which you move, and even the day of the week you choose to move on may increase or decrease that hourly cost.

If you’re moving on the weekend during the middle of summer (the busiest time for moving) a company may charge a premium because demand for those days is always high. But if you’re moving on a Wednesday morning in the middle of March, that hourly rate might be lower. It all depends on the moving company you select and how they choose to structure their fees.

Packing Services

If you choose to hire the moving company to pack your belongings for you, that service will drive up the cost of your move. Packing is a time-consuming endeavor, and when your movers handle it, they must be precise and careful not to damage your things. Given the level of care required, the service can be pricey.

Furniture Assembly

If, as part of your packing process, you need the movers to disassemble and reassemble furniture or appliances, that’ll likely add another charge to the overall cost of your move. However, some companies choose to include services like this in the overall price of full packing services, so whether or not you’ll pay extra really depends on who you choose to hire.

Moving Supplies

When you pay a moving company to pack your things, the cost of that service is partly determined by the number of moving boxes you require, as well as any other necessary supplies. Depending on what you’re planning to move, you may need:

●        Wardrobe boxes

●        Custom crating services for fragile, bulky, or awkwardly shaped items

●        Floor protection

●        Plastic wrap

●        Packing paper and bubble wrap

The cost of materials can add up quickly, which you may already know if you’ve ever conducted a DIY move. Because a moving company takes on financial liability for your belongings in transit, the movers can’t afford to cut corners on packing materials just to drive down your expenses. 

Time of Year the Move Takes Place

Yes, the season during which you move can impact moving company rates. Since summer is the most popular time of year for relocations, prices will likely be higher from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Fall and winter are less desirable seasons for relocations, and because movers aren’t in high demand during those times, rates are usually cheaper.

Moving Insurance (Valuation Coverage)

When you hire a moving company, you get moving insurance. Basic liability coverage (released value protection) comes standard with your moving package. But if you choose to opt for a higher level of coverage that provides more reimbursement (it’s a smart idea if you’re moving anything valuable), you’ll pay a fee for that which will also add to your overall moving rate.

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