If you’re planning an upcoming move, chances are you’ve contemplated a DIY job. After all, how challenging can moving your belongings really be? Though the act of packing books and t-shirts may not present a struggle, you might be surprised at just how many snares can trip you up during a residential move.


At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we’ve been helping Minnesotans move since 1958, so when we say moving is no easy task, you can trust we know what we’re talking about. Below, we’re digging into the top five reasons hiring professional movers is a smart move.


Your Safety Is At Stake

How many large, heavy household items do you plan to take with you? Your washer and dryer? How about your furniture? Your piano? Here’s the more important question: How do you plan to move those items? Certainly, you can solicit your big, burly friends to tackle the job for you, but do they know what they’re doing? What if they damage your things? What if they injure themselves?


It’s exceedingly easy to injure yourself when you don’t know what you’re doing, and the same goes for anyone else who helps you move. Preparing and transporting heavy items is awkward, and more importantly, even a minor mistake can potentially end in disaster. Though hiring professional movers won’t eliminate all chances of injury, it’s a far safer choice than attempting to move everything on your own.


You Won’t Have to Solicit Help From Friends & Family

Been thinking about soliciting the help of those big, burly friends of yours? Perhaps their arms of steel can help you get the job done, but know this: no matter how nicely you ask, no one really LOVES helping you move. Moving is tiring; it’s stressful—it’s hard work! Not to mention, if you’re planning a weekend move, you’re asking your friends to take time out of the only two days of freedom they have all week. How would you feel?


With a professional moving team on your side, you won’t have to intrude on your friends’ free time, and more importantly, you won’t have to feel bad for asking. But here’s the real benefit: A professional moving company insures your belongings against damage; your burly friends can’t say the same.


Professional Movers Have the Appropriate Equipment & Skills

How many dollies and lifts do you have lying around? None? Not surprising. Because how many people actually have dollies and lifts just sitting in the garage? Professional movers, on the other hand, have more than just dollies and lifts—they have every piece of moving equipment you could ever want or need.


Nothing is worse than realizing—in the middle of your packing marathon—that you need a tool or piece of equipment you don’t have on hand. Don’t have the right Allen wrench for the job? Good luck finagling a replacement. Hint: butter knives never work. Spare yourself a safety hazard.


A professional moving team isn’t just a bunch of big guys with a big truck—far from it. Professional movers are professionals: they’re trained to use the appropriate equipment for the job, and more importantly, to perform the work in the most effective manner possible. At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we not only offer a wide selection of moving trucks to meet your needs, but we also offer:


●        Moving supplies, including custom crating, boxes, packing materials, and more.

●        Appliance moving services (requires special equipment)

●        Piano moving services (requires special equipment)

●        Furniture moving (requires special equipment)

●        Custom-designed moving plans

●        A whole lot more! Check out our moving services overview for more information.


When you work with a moving company, you not only get the benefit of having the best tools and equipment at your fingertips, but you also get something better: efficiency. And when you’re moving an entire home full of stuff, efficiency won’t just save you time; it’ll save your sanity.


Moving Insurance Protects Your Possessions

Your stuff is valuable! It’s taken you years to acquire the things you own, and chances are you’re fairly attached to most of the items you’re bringing to your new abode. But what happens if you damage something during a DIY move? Who pays for that?


Unfortunately, the onus falls on YOU. Since you can’t insure your valuables against damage during a DIY move, you’re not only out the broken item, but you're also out the cash to replace it. Sounds like a lose-lose situation, no?


When you work with a moving company, part of the price you pay for the service goes toward moving insurance, which protects your belongings in the event they suffer damage. You can’t exactly collect from yourself after you drop your own TV, but if your movers accidentally break something, your insurance covers a specific percentage of the value of that item. Even better, you can purchase additional insurance if you own several high-value items that you’d like to protect.


You Stand To Save Money In the Long Run

If you’ve been contemplating a DIY relocation, chances are you’re thinking about tackling the process on your own to save a few bucks. And while you’ll certainly save money upfront if you do the job yourself, the long-term costs may actually prove more expensive.


Homeowners tend to underestimate the cost of a move. But, when you sit down and calculate ALL of the costs associated with a relocation—not just the monetary costs—even a DIY move can get very expensive. Here’s just a taste of what you’re looking at:


●        Your time. Time is an invaluable asset. If you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have the proper moving equipment, you’ll pay in spades with personal time you can never get back.

●        Moving truck. Depending on the scope of your move, a truck rental can get pretty pricey, pretty quick.

●        Gas. Not only are you responsible for the moving truck’s fuel, but you’re also responsible for your own fuel and the fuel tanks of those who help you move. You do plan to cover your helpers’ expenses, right?

●        Packing supplies. You’ll need to determine how many boxes, rolls of tape, markers, rolls of moving wrap, sheets of bubble wrap, etc. that you need to move your things. And if you estimate incorrectly? Tack on a few more dollars to your gas expenses...


DIY moving costs can add up quickly—and that’s not even a full list! There are always unexpected expenses during a move, and when you choose the DIY route, the number of surprise costs that may arise can be astounding. At least when you hire a professional moving company, you’ll already have one cost fully nailed down.


Want to know how much you might be looking at? Feel free to reach out and request your quote online. We’ll be in touch! 


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