If you’re thinking about relocating to another country, be prepared for extensive planning. An international move can be a tricky process if you don’t know what you’re doing, but when you have the right team behind you, the transition will almost always go off without a hitch. If you’re still in the planning stages of your move, our Ace Moving & Warehousing team is here to help you get started.


Below, we’ve compiled a helpful checklist of non-negotiable tasks for any international move, and when you’re ready to proceed with your transition, give our team a call. We’ll do everything we can to make your move as stress free as possible!


Research International Moving Companies

When you finalize a date range for your move abroad, begin researching international moving companies. The most reputable, reliable, professional movers are booked months in advance, so make sure you do your research early! Ideally, you should book the company six months in advance, but three to four months out is okay, too. A few things to keep in mind about international moving companies:


●        Cost equals quality. As with most things, when it comes to hiring international movers, you tend to get what you pay for. Hiring the moving company with the lowest quote might save you some cash, but the logistics headache you’ll get in return probably isn’t worth the savings.


●        Experience matters. How long has the company been facilitating international relocations? There’s a lot of red tape that goes into an intercontinental move, and your moving company should be highly familiar with all rules and regulations surrounding the process.


●        Get multiple quotes. When you’re trying to decide on an international moving service, make sure you get at least three estimates from different companies. Beyond comparing pricing, you’ll also need to compare the variety of moving services each company offers, whose services best meet your needs and whether they’re available on your intended dates.


Look Into Storage Solutions

When you move internationally, you’ll inevitably leave certain things behind — it’s just not feasible to bring everything you own! If you’re not willing to get rid of those items, you’ll need a space in which to store them, and in most cases, that means you’ll need a storage unit (unless you have friends or family who are willing to hang onto your things). When you’re scoping out storage solutions, look for the following traits:


●        Climate-controlled storage buildings. You probably won’t be needing your stored items anytime soon, so look for buildings that offer temperature and humidity control. When you keep your things in long-term storage, they’re susceptible to damage from high temperatures and moisture, so if you’d like your stuff to remain fully intact, climate control is essential.


●        Security monitoring. Does the storage company use security cameras? Do they monitor those cameras continually? Since you won’t be able to check on your things periodically, you need to trust that the storage solution you select will monitor the property diligently.


●        Inventory verification. Ideally, your storage company should conduct routine inventory inspections and verifications to ensure your belongings remain untouched and intact for the duration of their stay.


Collect & Store Important Documents

When you move out of the country, you’ll need several important documents at the ready, so make sure you gather those papers several weeks in advance. You don’t have to pack them, but keep them in a safe, easily accessible location, so they don’t accidentally end up in one of your moving boxes. You’ll need to collect the following documents for all members of your household:


●        Birth certificates

●        Passports

●        Driver’s licenses

●        School and medical records

●        Medical forms

●        Social security cards


When your moving day dawns, make sure you keep these documents in an easily accessible bag so you can quickly locate them during your travels.



Anything you’re not taking with you or putting in storage has to go, so several weeks before your move date, take the time to sort your things and determine what you do and don’t need. The more stuff you get rid of, the less you’ll need to pack, so consider giving infrequently used items to your local donation center or non-profit. If you could use the extra cash, consider planning a garage sale or reselling your stuff on an online marketplace.


Confirm the Details With Your Professional Movers

One month out from your move date, contact your international moving company to confirm the dates, times, and logistics of your move. You don’t want any surprises popping up mere days before takeoff, so make sure you iron out any wrinkles well in advance.


Need an International Moving Company? Contact Ace Moving & Warehousing Today

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