Got too much stuff on your hands? Parking your vehicles in the driveway because your garage is stuffed to the gills? Don’t have a garage, and your spare closet is bursting at the seams? If that sounds like you, a storage unit can definitely come in handy. That said, if you choose to rent a storage solution and don’t organize it properly, locating and digging out your stuff can prove more frustrating than it’s worth.


At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we’re moving and storage experts. Throughout our 60+ years in business, we’ve seen what works when it comes to storage organization and what definitely doesn’t. So, if you’re looking into storage solutions but still want easy access to your stuff, here are a few of our top organizational tips: 


Tip #1: Choose Similarly Sized Boxes

If you’re looking to get in and out of your storage unit frequently, selecting boxes that are similar in size will simplify the stacking and retrieval process immensely. Small and medium boxes are typically the most appropriate size for a wide variety of household items, and since they’re relatively compact, they’re less prone to buckling under the weight of other boxes.


Large boxes, on the other hand, are suitable for larger, lighter household items, but they don’t maintain their structure very well at the bottom of a tall stack. Worse, large boxes are significantly more difficult to remove from the unit should you need to access their contents. And, depending on their weight, you may need a partner to help you lift them. 


Tip #2: Label Boxes & Document Inventory

Unlabeled boxes create unnecessary frustration when you’re trying to locate specific items, so be sure you clearly mark each box in a visible location. For easy organization and retrieval, mark the boxes you plan to access most frequently and set those aside. You’ll want to place them in the storage unit after everything else so you won’t need to go on a digging expedition each time you need your stuff.


It’s also a great idea to create a master inventory list that details the contents of each box. Here’s how to make locating your things super easy:


●        Assign each box a number and write it clearly on the outside.

●        Scribble the corresponding box number on a sheet of paper or create a spreadsheet with the information.

●        List the contents of each numbered box beneath the appropriate number.

●        When you need to find your things, simply refer to the numbered box list and locate the appropriate box.


You’ll save substantial time and frustration by creating an inventory list, and since some of your boxes will be out of view, a numbered inventory can help you locate them quickly.


Tip #3: Create a Layout Map

If you’re planning on pulling things out of storage frequently, you’ll need to plan ahead for easy access. Creating a detailed layout map will help you determine where to place large, infrequently used items, such as furniture, and where you can create an access path through the unit.


You can even create color-coded sections on your layout detailing apparel boxes, decorative boxes, seasonal items, and so forth, so you know right where to look for the items you need. Once you’ve created the layout, tape it to a wall inside the unit so for safekeeping.


Tip #4: Choose the Appropriate Size Storage Unit

It’s tempting to choose the smallest size unit that will contain your stuff, but in many cases, smaller units leave very little room for item retrieval. Unless you want to pile boxes outside the unit while you search for your items, opting for a larger storage unit is usually ideal.


With a larger unit, you can leave a clear pathway for easy access while still having plenty of room for furniture, appliances, and large, decorative items. Larger units also allow room for placing pallets beneath your furniture, which provide an extra layer of protection against deterioration. You can learn more about Ace Moving’s climate-controlled storage options here.


Tip #5: Organize According to Frequency of Use

This tip is pretty self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many people neglect this super simple organizational principle. When you’re loading your items into the unit, place infrequently used items toward the back. Large furniture pieces should sit along the sides of the unit, and the things you need to access should sit toward the middle and front of the space.


You won’t want to dig through mountains of stuff each time you need to retrieve a box, so take the time to determine what you use most frequently. Once you’ve packed those boxes, store them in the most easily accessible location.


Tip #6: Maximize Space By Storing Vertically

If you’re planning to keep your storage unit long term, investing in shelving is always a smart idea. Shelves significantly cut down on the time required for box retrieval because you don’t need to unstack and restack each time you need to access your things. Plus, shelves keep your items off the floor, which is always preferable when you’re storing things for extended durations.


If, however, you plan to stack your boxes, be sure to place the largest, heaviest ones on the bottom and continue stacking according to size and weight. Try not to stack anything over your head since excessive height creates a safety hazard and makes retrieval more difficult.


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