Packing an entire dwelling can seem overwhelming when you don’t know where to start. And, even when you’ve got a solid idea of what goes into the process, the challenge of gathering, organizing, wrapping, insulating, and loading all of your things can seem almost insurmountable.


At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we know packing can be a chore, and if you don’t approach the process strategically, the tedium will only grow. So, to help you get started on your packing endeavor, below, we’ve put together a brief list of helpful tips.


Tip #1: Sort Your Stuff

What do you want to take with you? What can you live without? It makes no sense to move items you rarely or never use, so take the time to sort through your things before you pack. Set aside a few boxes or bags for donation items and organize those items you plan to move by category.


Organizing before you pack will help ensure everything ends up the appropriate moving boxes and makes unpacking far less tedious. Plus, if you plan to rent a storage unit to contain your excess stuff (or even to keep it out of the way during the move), sorting your things early will give you a leg up. As move day approaches, you’ll already know what’s going in the moving truck and what to take directly to storage.


Tip #2: Invite Your Friends

Packing is hard work! It’s also very time consuming, so if your friends or extended family might be up for a day or two of physical labor, ask if they’d be willing to help you out. Just make sure you don’t call in those favors at the last minute!


Everyone needs time to clear their schedules, so try sending out an email one month in advance of your intended packing weekend. Be sure to include details about where to meet, what time to show up, what to bring (if anything), and what constitutes safe, appropriate attire.


Or, if packing just isn’t your thing, Ace Moving & Warehousing will do it for you! We offer full packing services, and our professional movers are highly experienced in protective packing techniques, crating, and organizational best practices. The best part? You never even have to touch a box! Why invite your friends over for a packing party when you can schedule a nice lunch out instead?


Tip #3: Spread the Work Over Time

Packing an entire dwelling in one go is stressful. Packing bit by bit, on the hand, makes the process far less overwhelming. Get a head start on your move by packing those items you use infrequently and setting them aside somewhere out of the way.


It’s also helpful to begin packing decorative items a couple of weeks before your movers arrive. Since many artistic pieces are awkwardly shaped, fragile, and fairly expensive, give yourself extra time to determine how to cushion them properly for safe transport.


Tip #4: Arrange Appropriately

When you’re packing boxes of breakable dishes, there’s a right way to do it, and there’s a haphazard way to do it — and most people opt for the haphazard way, albeit unknowingly. Unfortunately, those people also end up super irritated as they unpack boxes of broken dinnerware in their new abodes. Here’s how to pack plates, so you DON’T end up like those people:


●        Gather plenty of protective packing materials. Newspaper works well for insulating dishes.

●        Place each plate in the center of a sheet of newspaper.

●        Wrap the newspaper securely around each dish and secure it with a bit of tape.

●        Arrange individually wrapped plates in stacks of four. Wrap the entire stack in another sheet of newspaper and secure it with a bit of tape. Place the plate bundle vertically within a small box. Continue adding plate bundles until you’ve packed the box snugly.

●        Stuff additional newspaper around all four sides of the box. Seal it up, and don’t forget to scrawl “FRAGILE. THIS SIDE UP” in clearly visible lettering across the top.


For stemware, glasses, and cups, the process is much the same. Simply stuff each cup with its own sheet of newspaper and wrap another sheet around its exterior. Line a box with protective packing material and pack each dish vertically within the box. Fill any open spaces with plenty of wadded up newspaper for additional insulation against shock.


Tip #5: Avoid Spills

Remember that one time you put shampoo in your overnight bag and your favorite button-down got an unintentional spot cleaning? A bit of leaking shampoo or perfume isn’t so bad when it’s soaking into your clothes, but when it spills all over the contents of your dedicated bathroom box, it’s a major pain to clean up. Fortunately, you can avoid all manner of bottle leaks with this super simple packing hack:


●        Unscrew the lids from all the unsealed bottles of liquid you plan to move.

●        Tear off a small piece of plastic wrap and place it over each open lid.

●        Replace each bottle’s lid on top of the plastic wrap and twist until secure.

●        Invert each bottle to ensure no liquid can escape.

●        Pack those bottles in their dedicated boxes and leave your leakage worries behind!


Tip #6: Pack a Gotta-Have-It Bag

Think about the things you use day in and day out — can you live without that stuff during your move? Chances are the answer is no, so make sure you pack an easy-to-access bag with your most-used possessions. Include items like:


●        Daily medications

●        Toiletries

●        Towels and sheets

●        Toilet paper

●        A change of clothes

●        Your laptop


Whatever items you anticipate needing on your first night in your new abode, toss them in, too. Oh, and don’t forget to pack a few extra snacks, just in case your cooler runs dry. You are packing a snack cooler, right?


Planning a Rochester Move? Let Ace Moving & Warehousing Take Care of the Details

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