If you’re getting ready for a big relocation, you might be anticipating a near-endless list of less-than-pleasant emotions and occurrences. While moving can certainly be overwhelming and stressful, with a well-formulated plan, it doesn’t have to be that bad! At Ace Moving & Warehousing, we’re here to make your move as smooth as possible, so if you’re stressing about the details, we’re always here to help. Take a peek at our list of some of our favorite moving tips and tricks, and see if they don’t make your move a little less complicated. And, if you ever need professional assistance, remember: We’re just a phone call away!


Preparing For Your Relocation

For the smoothest moving experience possible, make sure you plan each aspect of your move before you ever pack a box. Appropriate planning helps eliminate the vast majority of issues that tend to complicate most relocations, so here’s what we suggest doing:


●        Build a Budget. Moving can become expensive, if you don’t know what exactly you’re paying for and how much it’s supposed to cost. The last thing you need is sticker shock when the movers furnish your bill, so make sure you get several estimates for the cost of transporting your possessions. You’ll also need to take into account unexpected expenses, an emergency fund, and any incidental costs. You can find a variety of moving calculators online to help you estimate your relocation costs.


●        Arrange Donation Pick-Ups. If you know you’ll be donating large, heavy items such as furniture, contact your local donation agency ahead of your move date and schedule a time to have those items picked up. If you’ll be donating clothing and smaller household goods, you can usually schedule pickups for those items as well.


●        Plan Your Packing. If you plan to pack or crate larger household items, measure them to get an idea of how much packing material you’ll need. As well, take a quick inventory of all of the items you plan to move and purchase your packing materials accordingly. The last thing you need is to run out of boxes and materials in the midst of the packing process.


●        Price Out Moving Companies. To find the best professional moving company price, locate three to five reputable moving companies in your area and request price estimates for the size of your home, its contents, and the distance you plan to move.


Packing Up Your Home

After you’ve ironed out the details of your impending relocation and acquired your moving materials, it’s time to start packing. To save time and to make your unpacking process easier, here’s what we suggest:


●        Take Advantage of Your Linens. You can use your soft household items, such as pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels for extra packing protection as you load items into boxes. Use soft linens to wrap breakable items and place squishy, soft materials between extra fragile items to absorb shock during transit.


●        Don’t Unpack Dresser Drawers. Don’t make extra unpacking work for yourself! Rather than unloading dresser drawers and packing your clothes in boxes or bags, simply remove the drawers from each dresser and load them into the truck full. When it’s time to unpack, all you’ll need to do is reinsert the drawers


●        Keep Clothing on Hangers. Taking your clothing off the hangers, folding it, and packing it into boxes or bags creates a ton of unnecessary work. Rather, keep your clothing on the hangers and group bunches of hangers into wardrobe boxes or wrap them in plastic or large garbage bags.


●        Prevent Spills With Plastic. Bottles of liquid, such as shampoo, perfumes, soaps, and perishable food items, have a tendency to leak during transport. To avoid a sticky, stinky mess, unscrew each bottle’s cap and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the bottle’s opening. When you replace the cap, the plastic will prevent accidental leaks.


●        Inventory, Label, or Photograph. Unpacking can be a major headache when you don’t know which boxes contain your things, so each time you finish loading a box, make sure you label it clearly. Either jot down its content on a sheet of paper or take photographs of the contents of each box. When it comes time to unpack, you can quickly refer to your well-organized list to locate the items you need.


●        Keep the Essentials On Hand. Don’t pack up everything just yet! You’ll undoubtedly require certain items during your move and when you arrive at your new home, so be sure to pack a duffel or small suitcase with the things you know you’ll require. Consider including medications, basic toiletries, chargers, critical documents, and even a quick change of clothes.


The Big Day

When your big moving day finally arrives, it’s important to keep your wits about you for the smoothest experience possible. Be sure to heed these tips on the morning of your move:


●        Avoid Last-Minute Packing. If you have a couple of small items that haven’t yet made it into boxes, make sure you pack them up before your moving company arrives. Packing on the day of your move isn’t just stressful; it also creates additional confusion and can slow down the loading process considerably.


●        Stock a Cooler. Moving can be super chaotic and exhausting! Make sure you stay hydrated and fed by packing a cooler the night before your move. Include plenty of water and electrolyte drinks and toss in grab-and-go snacks for yourself, your spouse, your kiddos, and even your pets, if you have any. Place the cooler in a clearly visible, easy-to-access location, so anyone who needs a snack can find one quickly.


●        Plan for Kids & Pets. Moving day is no time to have small children or pets running around, not only because of the potential dangers involved but also because extra bodies can slow down the moving and loading process. If you have children or pets, see if a friend or family member can watch them for a few hours, or drop them off at a care center for a portion of the day.


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