Preparing to take on a move requires a lot of planning and preparation. Even when you have a team of movers helping you take on the project, there is still a lot to keep track of. There are several steps you can take to prepare for a move even before the movers arrive on moving day.


●        Downsize and Organize | Before moving day, you should take time to throw out and donate any items you don’t need anymore. Organize all your possessions into two piles: items you want to keep and items you can give away. Downsizing on clothing, children’s toys, and other items can make the moving process simpler and more efficient.


●        Pack a Bag of Clothes | Moving can be an exhausting, all-day chore. When you finally have all of your boxes and furniture in your new home, you may not feel like unpacking your boxes and searching for your toothbrush and a set of pajamas. Packing an overnight bag can allow you to settle down after a long day of moving and rest up before you take on the next task of unpacking the next day.


●        Keep Track of Important Documents | When you move to a new home, it’s easy to lose track of smaller items such as photographs and papers. When wrapped up in the whirlwind of a big move, keeping track of important documents can be difficult. Before moving day, collect irreplaceable pieces such as birth certificates, social security cards, and passports, and pack them in a special location. Taking this extra step will save you from frantically searching through boxes and retracing your steps when you can’t find them later on.


●        Keep Pets and Children Out of the Way |  As movers come in and out of the house with boxes and furniture, make sure children and pets are in a safe place away from the activity. No one should have to worry about a cat getting out, or a child getting bumped off their feet by a large object. When moving day arrives, keep your children and pets safe from any potential inconveniences.


●        Label Boxes and Take Pictures | Before movers arrive, make sure you take a moment to label boxes and take pictures of your belongings. Labeling boxes can make unpacking a much simpler process. You can put the pictures on the boxes for a visual representation, or you can use the pictures to take note of any items that experience damage during the moving process.


Preparing for moving day can be a long and involved process, but taking the time to plan can help the project move quicker and easier. For high-quality moving services, contact Ace Moving and Warehousing. Our movers can help you securely move your belongings into your new home. We look forward to working with you!