While most people are unpacking boxes of holiday decor, you’re packing up your entire house. Whether you’re relocating to the other side of town or across the country, preparing for a move during the holiday season is no easy task.


In addition to planning and conducting holiday celebrations, you’re also stuck with the less than holly-jolly task of planning and executing a successful move. But with the right approach, a holiday relocation doesn’t have to be a Grinch-inducing experience. Here are a few simple yet effective ways to make your upcoming move as low-stress as possible:


Create a Budget for Moving Expenses

Everyone knows the holiday season can be a wallet drainer. Adding a move on top of your holiday-related expenses can blow your monthly budget in a hurry and induce a significant amount of stress. That’s why it’s so important that you create a moving budget and stick to it diligently.


As you build your moving budget, make sure you factor in the following expenses:


●        Hiring professional movers. Moving near the holidays often costs more than moving at other times during winter because professional movers have holiday family obligations too. Don’t be surprised if you’re required to pay an additional fee on top of the base moving fee if you’re relocating on Christmas or New Years' weekend. 


●        Moving insurance. When you hire professional moving services, liability insurance should come standard. But often, liability coverage isn’t adequate for expensive or precious items. Most relocators choose to purchase additional moving insurance that provides more comprehensive coverage in the event of damage or loss of belongings. Winter relocators are also at a greater risk of weather-related auto accidents, making adequate insurance coverage an absolute must.


●        Equipment rental. If you’re planning to conduct a DIY move, you’ll need to rent equipment such as dollies, straps, and a moving truck. Take some time to consider all the equipment you might need and the cost to rent each item.


●        Moving supplies. If you’re planning a DIY move, you’ll need plenty of boxes, tape, and other moving supplies to safely transport your belongings. If you plan to purchase supplies from a moving company, the costs can add up quickly. Take the time to determine which supplies you’ll need and how many of each you’ll need to purchase. 


●        Storage solutions. Renting a climate-controlled storage unit is a great way to keep your infrequently used belongings in perfect condition. Whether you’re downsizing or just need a place for temporary storage, understand the costs associated with renting a unit and factor those into your moving budget.


●        Fuel costs. Professional movers and packers cannot transport certain non-allowable items per federal law. Since you’ll need to move those items yourself, you may need to make several trips to and from your new home. Fuel costs can quickly add up, so make sure you factor them into your relocation budget.


Begin Planning Your Move as Early as Possible

Just because a moving company operates around the holidays doesn’t mean the individuals who work for that company don’t have their own holiday obligations. Just as you’d like to enjoy a happy holiday with your loved ones, your movers and packers would like to enjoy their time with family as well. That’s why most moving companies solidify their holiday schedules well in advance to ensure they have the appropriate amount of staff on duty to handle the workload.


If you’re hiring a moving company, it’s best to solidify your schedule at least four to six weeks in advance to ensure you get the time slot you want and the amount of manpower you need. Don’t be the grinch who demands a last-minute schedule change around the holidays because you didn’t plan properly!


Hire Professional Movers and Packers or Pack Early

If your holiday season is always super busy, adding the stress of packing on top of your other obligations is bound to end poorly. Either you’ll miss out on holiday festivities or you’ll end up burning the midnight oil for days on end to get your entire home packed. Not exactly a holly-jolly situation, right?


The best way to avoid packing-related stress around the holidays is to opt for full packing services from a moving company. With professional movers and packers on your side, the majority of your home will be packed and ready to load on move day without an ounce of effort on your part.


Keep in mind, though, that there are certain non-allowable items your movers cannot transport per federal law. You’ll need to transport those items in your personal vehicle or arrange another means of transportation, so make sure you make arrangements early.


Donate What You Don’t Need

Packing and transporting a bunch of stuff you rarely use only adds stress to your move. So why not donate your unwanted belongings to a shelter this holiday season? The holidays are a perfect time to give to families in need, so if you have things you no longer want, consider giving them away. You’ll reduce your time spent preparing for your move while making another family’s holiday season a little more merry and bright. 


Plan for Inclement Weather and Delays

When you move during winter, inclement weather comes with the territory, so plan for it. Go with the flow and try not to stress if your move is delayed due to a snowstorm — at least you and your things will get to your new home safely. Stressing over something you cannot control only serves to make your move miserable.


Moving During the Holidays? Let Ace Moving & Warehousing Shoulder the Work!

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