If the home or office you are about to move into doesn’t have enough room for all your belongings, you may have to put some of it in temporary or permanent storage. When choosing the right storage unit for your valuables, you may want to consider climate-controlled storage. There are several benefits to a climate-controlled facility.


Ace Midwest Movers offers climate-controlled storage for all home and business owners. We have a wide range of sizes available. To find out more about our storage facilities, contact us today.

Climate Controlled Units are Weatherproof

Climate-controlled units are air-conditioned all year long. They protect your valuables from sunlight, extreme temperatures, and moisture. Our units are located inside of a building. That means that the outside of the unit never gets hot and is never exposed to the outside elements.


When you enter the unit, you will notice that the air is dry and the temperature is optimal for your valuables. A climate-controlled storage unit allows you to store anything that would otherwise be destroyed in a regular.

Climate Controlled Units are Secure

Since the climate-controlled units are inside a large building, they are secure. You don’t have to worry about theft or vandalism. You will have a key or a code that allows you to enter the main building and then another key or code that gives you access to your unit.


The facilities are closely monitored by an attendant and security cameras. When you store your items in an Ace Midwest Moving storage unit, you can feel confident that they will be safe and secure.

Storage Units are Available Nationwide

Ace Midwest partners with storage companies to provide storage services for your valuables. Our services are available nationally or internationally. No matter where you move, we can help you store all your valuables.


We also offer packing services to help you make the most of your storage space. Our movers can pack all your items safely and store them where you want. We take care of all your moving and storage needs.

Short-Term and Long-Term Options Available

We understand that you may only need to store your belongings for a few weeks while you’re moving in. Or you may need a long-term solution.


Either way, we have short-term and long-term options available so that you have flexibility in your planning. We offer smaller units if you only to need to store a few items that you will pick up in just a few days. Or if you need to store a household of items for a few months, we can accommodate you. With Ace Midwest Moving, there is no one size fits all.

We Also Offer On-Site Storage

If you need a quick storage solution on site, we offer mobile storage units for your driveway or parking lot. Our moving trucks have detachable cabs so we can leave the trailer loaded with your household items. You can finish the move yourself, or we can come back to finish unloading the trailer.

Reserve Your Storage Units Today

If you need storage for your household valuables or business inventory, Ace Midwest Moving offers climate controlled storage facilities. We also provide complete moving and packing services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


To schedule a move, call us today at 763-755-2045, or you can message us at info@acemw.com.