Packing and moving all your belongings from one home to the next can be a stressful endeavor. Trying to remember and organize your to-do list can be a daunting task. Hiring Ace Moving & Warehousing can help you stay organized and reduce stress to allow for a relaxing more enjoyable experience. Instead of stressing over the move, you can be excited for your new adventure in your new home.


Call Ace Moving & Warehousing, and we can share with you all of the moving services we have to offer such as climate controlled storage, full packing services, appliance services, and even piano moving. Below are seven mistakes residents often make while moving. Read through these seven to help ensure you don’t make the same mistakes with your next move.


1. Not Knowing Who You Hired to Help You Move

If you don’t get to know your moving company before you move, you aren’t going to know if it is the right fit for what you need. When you call us, we ask you to ask as many questions as you need to ensure you understand who we are and what we’ll do for you. We want you to have the details on the services Ace & Warehousing has to offer, who your moving crew will be, what trucks will be used, what equipment will be involved, how much it will cost, and what the schedule will be. Our goal in being transparent is to allow you to feel comfortable and confident knowing you’ve chosen a trusted moving company that will take care of you and your possessions.

2. Throwing Away Money Due to Inadequate Planning

Take the time to budget for a move, and you will end up saving money in the long run. If you hire a residential moving company without knowing what services you’re actually getting, you could end up paying too much for not enough. Plan, research, and budget to set yourself up for a cost-effective move.

3. Moving Heavy Items on Your Own

Ace Moving & Warehousing is known for its moving crews. Each crew member is trained to know how to properly lift boxes to avoid injuries. If you don’t know what you’re doing, and you attempt to move lots of heavy boxes and items on your own, you’ll most likely end up injured, upset, and burnt out.

4. Taking Improper Measurements

You are most likely not a moving specialist, so when you try to estimate how big of a truck you should rent to move on your own don’t be surprised if the truck you rent is too big or too small. You’ll either waste money or be stressed trying to find another vehicle to move the rest of your belongings. Ace Moving & Warehousing has moving specialists who will work with you to ensure the proper measurements are made to allow for the correct size truck to arrive on moving day.

5. Not Properly Packing Chemicals and Harmful Materials

Did you know it is illegal to transport some materials from state to state? Each state has different laws on what materials and chemicals can be transported across state lines, so Ace Moving & Warehousing can help you navigate this information. We are local movers in Minneapolis, and we have the experience needed to know what can be moved where, and what you should or shouldn’t be taking with you.

6. Not Properly Marking Boxes

If you only mark a box with the location of the room it needs to be moved into (i.e. “kitchen,” “bathroom,” “living room,” etc.) you are causing more work than necessary when it comes to unpacking. The best practice is to be as detailed as you can when labeling your boxes (i.e. “kitchen plates,” “bathroom towels,” “living room books”). Ace Moving & Warehousing does offer full packing services, which would remove the need for you to have to mark your own boxes.

7. Not Respecting the Moving Crew You Hire

Yes, your movers are there for you to ensure your move is smooth, efficient, and stress-free. However, there is still some energy you’ll need to put in to set your moving company up for success. Even the most experienced movers can be worn down if plans keep changing and there is no organization before they arrive. Following a moving checklist can help you and your moving crew.


Whether you’re preparing for a short move or across the country, you won’t regret hiring Ace Moving & Warehousing. We’re here to help you move within the same state, across state lines, or to another country. Don’t make the mistake of not calling us today! To get a quote or book an appointment, call 763-755-2045. You’re also able to send us a message at We can’t wait to help you move!