Hiring an international mover is a bit different from hiring a local or out-of-state mover. If you are moving abroad, you may not know what to look for in an international moving company. Here are a few of the things that you want to pay attention and look for as you go about hiring an international mover for your upcoming move out of the country.

Do They Know the Regulations and Requirements?

One of the first things you need to carefully consider when you are looking to hire an international mover is whether they know the regulations and requirements for the country you are moving into. What can be brought into a country, how customs forms are filled out, and the process of moving home items through customs varies from country to country. You want to find a mover who has experience with the country you are moving to.

What are Their Accreditations?

Another important element to look at when you are hiring an international mover is what their accreditations are. Certain organizations, such as FIDI and The International Association of Movers certify international movers who meet their rigorous standards. Look for companies that have these certifications. Also, in order to operate legally in the United States, an international mover must be licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission. Take the time to verify the company you are using is indeed licensed.

Are They Handling the Entire Move?

It is common for a moving company to pass off part of your move to another company. For example, one company may pack and load your belongings in the United States, and another company may get your items through customs and deliver them to you. Always ask a moving company who offers international moving services if they handle all of your move or if they pass off part of your move to another company. If they pass off part of the move, ask what company they use and thoroughly research every company who will have a hand in your move.

How Much They Are Charging?

Lastly, be sure to consider the estimated price of your move with various companies. Be wary of companies that have bids or estimates that are significantly lower than quotes from other companies. They may be underestimating the cost of your move or the custom costs. You may wind up paying more when your items are delivered than you expected. Get quotes from multiple companies, and look for a company that offers fair pricing that is in line with the other quotes you have received.

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