Business is booming, which means it’s time to leave the cramped quarters of your original office space behind and move into a new office building with the extra room, infrastructure, and access you need. How do you get it all done without shutting down for a week or even a month? Call Ace Moving & Warehousing and let us shoulder the hard work and logistics while you take that next call.

Leave the Packing to Us!

While most of your staff can tidy up their belongings into boxes, it is the file storage, networking, office equipment, and furniture that will eat up time and effort during the corporate relocation. Take that chore off the admin's list and leave it to the pros. Our experienced moving staff can break down the office cubicles, chairs, desks, and computers for you. We can schedule our workers to come in early or after business hours to further ease the transition.

If there is old equipment you don't know what to do with, ask us about temporary storage solutions that can get it out of the way while you move and until you find an appropriate buyer.

Making the Move While Keeping it Organized

Since business always moves at light speed, knowing where all your tools and resources are located is crucial. While packing, we label everything, so finding the right box on the other end will be quick and easy. Work spaces can be color coded so the production equipment will be positioned together. We will provide you with a detailed checklist of every box and its description.

Keep Your Doors Open and Don't Skip a Beat!

Do you need assistance to organize the open space at your new location? We can also help you locate reputable third-party businesses that specialize in office design and workflow. We will coordinate with them, as well as help unpack and reinstall all your furniture and equipment. When everybody arrives at the new place, they will be better able to flip a switch and get right down to business.

Whether you are moving your business up one floor, down the street, or to a new city, Ace Moving & Warehousing offers the commercial moving services you need to get it done fast. Give us a call at (763) 755-2045 and schedule your on-site appraisal to receive a quote and plan of action.