Whether you have been in business for years and are looking for an outsourced solution, or you get ready to build a new warehouse. Ace Midwest Moving & Storage can help you with your entire warehouse & distribution operation.


We provide a comprehensive service that will increase your efficiency and reduce your costs every day that your business is running. To find out more about our moving services and warehouse & distribution services, call us at 763-755-2045.

Build Your Business

We provide a safe and secure receiving outlet in addition to product and inventory inspection and delivery. Let us take care of these services so you can focus on your businesses.


We offer:

Project Management

Warehouse and distribution planning are critical factors to your success. Ace Midwest Moving can help you transfer goods from one location to another on time. We offer outsourced project management and specialized services with experts who utilize efficient logistics approaches designed to enhance your warehouse operations. We can help you maximize sales, increase productivity, and follow strict guidelines for safety and procedures.

Daily Receiving Reports

Knowing how your warehouse operations are performing and finding areas to improve efficiency and speed of delivery are essential for effective management and customer relationship. We provide regularly running reports that are critical for assessing the health of your inventory and warehouse management processes.

Weekly update of storage status

What is currently in your inventory? How much do you have and what do you need? We provide weekly updates of the storage in your warehouse to ensure that you are the most reliable link in the supply chain. The reports give you an accurate read of every item in the warehouse so that you can plan distribution accordingly.

On-site delivery

Ace Midwest Moving & Storage offers on-site delivery services that reduce the time you’ll spend on tasks associated with the shipping side of your business. We’ll supply an experienced professional mover who will oversee the delivery process to any site. We’ll schedule a driver who will function as a liaison between the warehouse and the delivery site.

Complete setup and installation

A properly planned distribution layout is essential for a shipping warehouse to run smoothly. We can help you choose the right equipment, design, technology, and a specialized system that contribute to a properly functioning distribution center.


We can help you find ways to improve efficiency in receiving, storage, and shipping of products to your company operate successfully. By keeping things in proper order, providing safe working conditions, and considering the needs of warehouse employees, we can implement a system that minimizes mistakes and provides a smooth and efficient flow of goods.

Debris removal and disposal

Our movers haul any type of warehouse materials including trash and debris, as well as other types of warehouse materials. We have heavy-duty that can handle any debris removal job. Our movers relocate household and business items every day. Therefore, we have the experience necessary to transfer any debris off the premises.

Commercial Moving Company in Minneapolis

Whether you are opening franchise stores, launching mall kiosks, merchandising or dealing with valuable medical equipment, we have the people, facilities, and equipment to manage your projects and provide all of your warehouses receiving and distribution services. We can handle any project, big or small.


To reserve your moving date or climate controlled storage unit, call us at 763-755-2045. You can also message us at info@acemw.com.